Einstein Endorses Psychic

Einstein Endorses Psychic

Many people have believed that Einstein was someone that supported psychics and the idea of universal gifts.  One person, Upton Sinclair felt that when she investigated things that she found that Einstein had always been concerned with psychic ides.

Some believe that he encountered a known psychic prophet named Gene Dennis and that at that point, he acted very interested in the fact that she was gifted in only fortune telling even though many claimed that she was gifted in fortune telling, crystal ball reading, clairvoyance and even mind reading.

She claimed that she could tell about people’s professional lives, if they were going to sell things or where people were.  She would have people ask questions and she would tell what she believed was going on in that situation.

Gene Davis believed in auras and she believed that Einstein was one of the most interesting people that she had ever talked to and that his aura was a pure blue aura and it emitted sparks when she would look at it.  She believed that Einstein was very smart, and he believed that Davis was real because she told him things that no one would ever been able to know about him.  He claimed that there were things that she said that he could not explain and that it was nothing short of a miracle.

Even though Einstein believed in the Scientific Method, he also believed in psychics and he thought that Gene Dennis was as powerful as a natural wonder of the world.

No one knows for sure how much information was written or how much attention was paid to Einstein and his visit to America.  He was a person that was considered to be charming and smart and he would go anywhere and open his life to things like the newspaper.  He had nothing to be ashamed of and he loved talking about his different theories and to visit and know celebrities.  He was even known to take pictures but was shy in public.

Once when Einstein visited California, people felt that he was open with superstition and that he would endorse the beliefs of others including Gene Denis.  He believed that there should be no doubt and he thought that psychic ideas were interesting and should not be something that is considered skeptical.

He would study his words when he would give endorsements like the ones, he gave Gene Denis and he believed that she was able to reach out to the supernatural like she said.  He would believe her works and ideas and he also believed in other things like mind reading and crystal ball reading.  He thought this would support the idea of why things were so harmonious with science and why there was success behind everything.

Einstein’s ideas were debated, and people thought that if Science was not involved then it could not be true.  Einstein believed that there were steps to finding things out and that he had seen some weird and strange things and that there were things that he was not able to explain.

Einstein believed that things were strange and that things were weird, and that people should not feel that things should always have to be logical, even though he was very logical himself.


Einstein believed in science and he believed that things were also not normal.  He was the only person that could have judged Gene and he chose not to do that because he assumed that things should not be taken lightly.  He had to choose between doing science and between investigating the universe and things that seemed new and impossible.

Some people found Gene to be questionable and ridiculous, but Einstein did not, and he was not a man that had anything to do with ridiculous things.  Even though Gene predicted things in the future, Einstein was not sure of why this happened but he did allow her to read his mind on different times and she knew things that she could not know because he had never told anyone.

Even though this was absurd and different to nature and science, he was not able to determine it false and he believed that the human mind was both an object of means and an object of investigation so even though things were not understandable, he believed that telepathy and clairvoyance could be real because he felt the powers behind these things.

Some believe that Einstein was brought to the United States so that colleges could get money and be rich, but they did not submit to things that Einstein said always.  He was a very kind person and very smart and he was taken care of.  He was able to make speeches and to attend banquets and once he was done with those things he would gather with friends and family and talk about peace and justice for people.  He was known for taking care of his finances and he would import things form Germany that he needed.

Einstein did not go everywhere because he was busy doing University things and doing invitations and opening for things.  He admired Charlie Chaplin and considered him to be an artist.  He would not go to public dinners always, but he was interested in international peace and attended as a Jew in Palestine.

Einstein was not camera mad and even though he was seen in photographs, it was due to people demanding to get their picture with him.

When Einstein saw Gene Dennis he did not know her prior and he did not think that she was full of tricks and schemes and once he met her, he was courteous to her and listened to what she had to say.  He did not endorse her or feel trapped by her.

Einstein discussed psychic matters with her, but no one really says that he approved of them even though some believe he believed in it.  He would not discredit science and would not look to things that seemed ridiculous.  Dennis exploited his reputation and it was something he could not control because it went to the press.  She did claim him to be a thankful man and one that made all situations good.

Many feel that Einstein should have never been around Gene Dennis because they felt that this discredited science and that they felt that he was taught a lesson by being around her during this time.  Some believe that Einstein was being careful while Gene Dennis went to him and caused things to look endorsed even though they weren’t.

Mental Radio

Einstein and his wife went for a ride with Gene Dennis and before that, some believe that Einstein’s wife was able to read his mind and tell him what he was thinking.  He talked about the book called the “Mental Radio,” what Einstein believed that the young lady had read his mind and had showed that she was able to do this without a stage.  He felt that science was not able to show how that happened and that no one should be able to judge this without investigating it.

Einstein felt that he would clarify his attitude toward the psychical phenomena and that it can make people mad, but he would pay attention to his career and see where normal activities were exact and this was not.  He felt that people should not be completely negative about the ideas of communicating with a world beyond our own.

He admitted that he did not know the difference between spiritualism and telepathy and that a world beyond our own was a subject that was from one mind to another and that the book made it plain that they were discussing subjects from another sense.  He believed there was a possibility that students would not be able to even discuss.  He believed that telepathy was a part of reality and that it should be questioned and examined.

It is important that people continue to think upon Einstein as a great scientist and just leave him alone to rest in peace in his grave without running his idea of psychic gifts and phenomena in the ground.