How to Tell if an Angel is Communicating with You

How to Tell if an Angel is Communicating with You

Just like in this plane of existence, you have an array of beings that seek to help you at a spiritual level.  Angels are a vital part of this “God Squad.”  They are most likely trying to connect with you right now, but you might not be aware of their influence.

Angels communicate via “Packed Thoughtform,” higher consciousness or frequency transmission due to being such highly evolved entities.  To better attune to their vibrations, a person must center their mind, body, and spirit.  This will help awaken one’s Divine Light Core, which resides at the very crux of their essence and elevate spiritual awareness and receptivity to a place of Divine-Mind or Divine Consciousness.  From this place of infinite possibilities, one is able to meet and commune with angels, archangels, and personal guardian angels.

Packed Thoughtform is a manner conveying boundless amounts of data nearly instantaneously.  Consider how in near death episodes, a person might see the entirety of their life flash before their eyes.  In the case of Packed Thoughtform, this is sped up, not just showing a person the story of their life, but their soul journey, life’s purpose, a broad scope of their current life situation, meaningful steps to take in order to accomplish goals, and even one’s destiny.

Angels use Packed Thoughtform to send concepts, ideas, and ways of thinking as a spiritual download.  Angels select this method of communication when the scope of a message is too detailed to be sent as a few words, images or feelings.  People receive this spiritual download since angels want them to understand the wholeness of the message and their desire for the person to know the totality of the situation or process huge amounts of information or concepts, and experience the complete picture through all their worldly senses.  Like any physical download, the data is compressed, sent quickly and then requires the recipient’s analysis and processing.

A second way angels communicate with humans is through instinctual knowledge.  A person might be sent an image or word that appears suddenly in their mind, which inspires them to take meaningful action.  In some cases, this knowledge goes deeper into a telepathic transmission.  Angelic messages come in the form of streams of thought that run alongside the person’s and are then flushed out by their inner wisdom.  Signals from angels often appear as mental images or sensations.  Telepathic transmission occurs as quick and powerful burst of insight and occur because angels have a clear concept, they wish the person to heed.  This typically is heard from within one’s mind and not as external utterances.  A person might also receive a clear answer of yes or no that immediately manifest in their mind as a response to a question or need for confirmation on a given issue.

It is important to note that all messages from angels are loving and kind.  Even when it is meant to warn you to a situation or way of thinking, the intention is always helpful.  If you want to know if your instinctive knowledge is sent from an angel or your ego, pay close attention to any fear or judgement in the message.  Angelic messages are always soothing and unbiased.

When you receive a message, be present in the moment, and ask yourself about its origin.  Angelic messages that are received as internal voice are frequently dismissed by the public as typical internal narration.  Angelic aid may manifest as your own inner voice or that of another being.  Be mindful of the event and channel your inner wisdom and scan your heart chakra.  If the voice is loving and nonjudgmental this is a clear indictor of angelic presence.  Angelic messages also stir many feelings of profound love, peace and gratitude.  These feelings are meant to inspire you to make gut decisions to improve your life’s journey.  People who recall an angel talking to them remember an unwavering sense of knowing that taking a particular course of action like a spur of the moment phone call or discovering their next place of residence, will be beneficial for them.  This inner pull serves as a type of validation that one is on the best course possible for their existence and that they have all the tools necessary to achieve personal success.

Angels have a fourth way to communicate, which is through generating impulses for one to take action.  These impulses may occur at the conscious or subconscious mind.  The guidance can be generated so suddenly that one doesn’t have time to weigh the pros and cons of the actions, they just know they must take this particular action.  This includes an urge to visit or contact a specific person, adapt a healthier diet, quit an addiction, reorganize a room or pick up a given object.  Each angelic impulse is sent to inspire a key action that is meant to benefit that person’s life, even if that benefit is not registered by the conscious psyche.

When a person is able to be mindful of signs they notice in their life, they can discern the origin of the message.  Only then, can they process if the message is sourced by angel, society or ego, as well as any necessary thoughts and feelings to create the best course of action for implementing the lesson of the message.  Freeing oneself from habits driven by ego or societal expectations means the undue stress of not meeting unrealistic expectations can be converted into spiritual healing with the love, wisdom and guidance from angels.  Now true growth from the soul’s essence can begin, helping to raise energetic vibrations and align more effectively with the most beneficial life opportunities.

Frequently, angels choose to dialogue with humans during period of calm and rest like dream-state sleep or deep meditation.  This is because in these states the brain enters deeper levels of wavelength.  Ego-mindset slips away thus creating a more welcome environment for communication from spiritual beings like angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.  After being in these deep states, your woken self might become more psychically attune to better process extrasensory signals like acknowledge telepathic messages, feeling the presence and love of angels, noticing images or words, and receiving spiritual downloads.

Ways Angels Use Signs to Communicate

If angels have difficulty with a person hearing their message, they will send a sign.  Signs are meant to stop one in their tracks and compel them to think about anything outside themselves, especially the presence of angelic or spiritual beings.  If you have ever had a moment where you have been gripped by a sudden appearance of an object and thought “Who that’s weird,” “That’s interesting,” or “What a coincidence,” it really might have been an angelic sign.  Less commonly discussed signs involve overhearing someone mention something that reminds you about a desired action or reinforce that you are on a high vibration path forward.  It is worth noting that anything that makes you think about angels or reflect on a positive action step you meant to pursue might be angelic intervention.  Coincidences are angelic energy manifested.

Common signs from an angel include:

  • Finding feathers or coins
  • Seeing angel numbers like 1234, 333, or 555
  • Seeing rainbows
  • Flashes of Light
  • Symbolic pictures
  • Clouds resembling an angel
  • Pictures of angels, especially guardian angels
  • Noticing names like “Gabriel,” “Michael,” or “Raphael”
  • Noticing the time change to 11:11 or 4:44

Awareness to a sign serves to alert a person to the presence of an angel and should compel them to analyze and process the underlying message and important action steps.  Whenever a signal, omen, or synchronicity occurs it demands a shift of perspective towards one more aligned with the universal community and ability to promote the highest energetic vibrations.  It is the goal of the spirit world that humans live vibrant and fulfilling existences that serve the collective good and promote sincere joy and lightness both within oneself and the totality of life.  The more one remains mindful, aware, grounded, balanced, and receptive to the present moment, the more they are able to receive communication from spiritual beings like angels.

In order to ensure you remain open to angelic communication you must remain balance, presence and calm.  Open your heart, still the mental noise and be mindful to each present moment.  Regardless if you are currently aware of receiving insights or messages from the spirit realm, celestial beings are actively looking to aid you and improve your life.  Begin by thanking these emissaries of light and love for their desire to aid your spiritual growth.  Then ask for their help in allowing you to better sense their presence.  Next, pay attention to any messages or signs you might notice.  With a quiet and receptive mind, along with an open heart you will begin to understand the origin of these messages and know the full impact of angelic guidance in your life.