Find Your Mate with Your Descendent Sign

Find Your Mate with Your Descendent Sign

Do you want to find love, but you also want to use astrology to help you? When you understand what your Descendant sign means, you will see that this can help you. This sign is the things that you admire about someone or what you are looking for in a partner. This can happen when you see someone across the restaurant, and you make eye contact, and you are instantly taken by them.

If you have the traits of the Rising sign, you will se find the opposite sign of you to be interesting. This sign is one that might have the same ideas and values that you do but they embrace them or handle them differently. The Descendant sign is one that rules over the house of relationships such as commitment and marriage. These are the people you want as your partner.

If you want to know about relationships and marriage by looking at your birth chart, figure out your birth chart. Look for signs that rule your Descendant and any planets that lay in the 7th house and where the rule of the sign of the Descendant is on your chart. When you do this, you can find out what signs are in your Descendant signs.

Here are what the signs mean for you:

  • Aries

This is a signa bout itself and they want people that are other than who they are. They are loving and independent and brave and they value others that are brave. They have Libra as their Descendant, and this means they want a partner that will be brave no matter how emotional they are. They want someone that isn’t afraid of love.

  • Taurus

Taurus is a Rising sign, and this is someone that will allure you into love and one that is stable and calm. If Scorpio is the Descendant sign though you might see that you want to be with someone that is mysterious, and you want to see what they are made up of.

  • Gemini

Gemini is a kind person that thinks a lot. If the Sag is in the Descendant sign, they will want someone that lives a big life. They will question who they are, and they want someone that doesn’t think so much but just does things.

  • Cancer

When Cancer and Capricorn are together, they can be a good couple. Cancers are people that like to be stable, and they want to be in a home unit that is stable and strong. When Capricorn is the Descendant, they will find a partner that will bring them protection and a good home.

  • Leo

When Leo is Rising it will be dramatic. They will have Aquarius in their Descendant sign though and they will be able to make it. They will look for a partner that isn’t normal and that approaches life by using their love language and is unique. They want someone that has a good heart and that has strong emotions.

  • Virgo

Virgos are people that help others, and they look for people that have big hearts. If Pisces is the Descendant sign, they will try to find someone that doesn’t need to be rescued and someone that will balance them.

  • Libra

When Libra is Rising, they will be looking for someone that is independent. If Aries is the Descendant sign, they will look for people that will live their life the way that they want instead of being like them and being peaceful and graceful all the time.

  • Scorpio

When the Rising sign of the Scorpio is Taurus, they will want to find someone that values them and someone that is direct and not mysterious.

  • Sagittarius

Sags are people that want to keep the passion hot, and they are always adventurous and exciting. They love to travel. When Gemini is the Descendant sign, they will find a partner that is knowledgeable and ones that will keep them from getting bored.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn as a Rising sign and Cancer as the Descendant sign will mean that the Capricorn is looking for someone that will be focused on emotional wealth and investing in things. Capricorns are used to material success and reaching their goals.

  • Aquarius

This is an emotional sign, but they don’t show it. They love solving problems. When Leo is the Descendant sign, they won’t be afraid to put themselves out there and will be who they really are.

  • Pisces

Pisces work well when Virgo is the Descendant sign. They are someone that wants a partner that will keep them grounded. They want people that are practical and dependable.