Understanding the Chi

Understanding the Chi

Everything is made up of energy and the chi is the energy that is inside of you. Even people and things have auras, and this can be part of your Chi energy.

The Chinese look at the energy inside of you and they call this the Chi. This is part of the universe and everything that lives.

According to western science, the Chi is something that flows through the body, and it works in the chakras, covering everything that is living. This is important for your mind, body, and soul to be healthy.

Understand the Chi

Chi is a Chinese tradition that moves through your body. When there are sicknesses and illnesses, this can mean that your chi is not balanced and that something is blocked. There are different Chinese medicines that can help the Chi to flow.

History of Chi

Chi is an energy that has been studied and known for thousands of years. It is known in China, Japan, and other cultures. It is used to help to bring health to yourself. There are practices that are used to keep the Chi healthy such as:

  • Yoga.
  • Martial arts.
  • Reiki.
  • Feng Shui.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Massage therapy.

Importance of the Chi

When balanced, the Chi will be:

  • Vibrant.
  • Colorful.
  • Have a high vibration.
  • Have a strong sound.

When unbalanced, the Chi will be:

  • Unbalanced.
  • Depleted.
  • Ill.
  • Dark in color.
  • Low vibrations.
  • Blocked energies.

Chi-Lel Qigong

There are different energy centers that people have and there are methods that can be done in including Chi-Lel which is a therapist that helps to heal the Chi. This can also help with diseases such as heart disease and arthritis. Here are some other healing ideas behind the Chi:

  • Helps to heal living cells.
  • Brings life to the body.

Healing Techniques

Here are some of the healing techniques used to make the Chi strong:

  • Reiki: This is a Chinese word that means magical or universal. It can be done through initiation.
  • Tai-Chi: This is a form of martial arts that can help people to be well. 

Why is the Chi Powerful?

The Chi is powerful because it allows people to do things that make their mind, body, and soul stronger. This energy is part of the earth, fire, water and air and it is alive and active. When there are no drugs that can heal the body, these things can help instead. 

Talking to a traditional Chinese medical doctor might help the patient more than western medicine because they will figure out where the disease is and how it was established, and they will clear out the blocked energy that traps in the pain.

The western doctors may not have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine to find out that the body is full of Yin and Yang energies which are powerful for the body and the soul. The idea behind this healing is having better wellness overall and health.

Circadian Clock

This is a clock that goes throughout the body circulating the Chi. When you are aware that you have this clock and you are living your best life, you will have good energy. When you ignore it, it can cause you to have pain and suffering. 

When you have a physical symptom, you need to pay attention to where the pain is and what it is doing. This can mean that you have a blockage. If you have pain everyday in the same spot, note that and find out what organ is blocked with stagnant energy.

The clock can guide your health and each organ works with your body physically, but it also works with your energy. Chi can allow your energy to flow freely, and this can open up everything in and out of your body.

The body has many energy areas, and they are represented by colors. Here are the colors of the chakras and what they represent:

  • Red: Root chakra, found in the spine. Relates to security and survival. Can be used to care for tiredness, anemia, and paralysis.
  • Orange: This is found in the spleen and works with hormones, kidneys, and reproduction. If you want to open up your energy, find things that bring you happiness.
  • Yellow: This is found in the solar plexus chakra. It works with the liver, adrenal glands and works with your emotions. You can take a bath to cleanse this chakra.
  • Green: Found in the heart chakra. This is the place of unconditional love and forgiveness. It works with the heart and immune system. Wear green to help with the muscles and go out in nature to bring healing.
  • Blue: This is found in the throat chakra. It is the place of communication. You can use this chakra to open up your body and to get rid of insomnia and inflammation. Go out by the water somewhere to cleanse this energy.
  • Indigo: This chakra is the third eye chakra and works with the pineal gland. This is where your spiritual gifts are. Drink water and open up your health.
  • Purple: This is found at the crown chakra and is the place where you reach your higher self. This helps congestion and sinuses and the nervous system.

Balancing the Chakras

You can balance your chakras by wearing the right color associated with the chakras or eating foods that are associated with them.

Other Healing Methods

Another healing method is Eastern Medicine, and it is called Far Infrared heat energy. This helps people to be able to open up their Chi by using heat and energy. This is found in Thailand, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and other places. Here are other methods:

  • Raise the vibrations: Get your vibrations stronger by dancing, speaking positively, gardening, hugging someone, sleeping well.
  • Electrotherapy: Stimulates the Chi.
  • Electro Reflex Energizer: Works with the art of reflexology and stimulates the electrical impulses in the feet.
  • E-power: Connects areas that are damaged or blocks with electrical currents. Helps to get rid of depression.
  • Chi therapy: Uses colors to make you strong.
  • Feng Shui: An ancient method to balance you.
  • Acid Diet: Dieting to get rid of pain.
  • Sleep.
  • Less stress.
  • Avoiding EMF’s.
  • Chi Machine: Also known as Sun Acon and helps to unblock the Chi by improving energy flow in the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of your body.
  • Get sunshine.
  • Go by water.
  • Meditate.
  • Be mindful.
  • Have an alkaline diet.
  • Yoga.
  • Create something.


  1. While the concept of Chi is deeply rooted in ancient traditions and has been embraced by various cultures for millennia, it is essential to approach it with a critical mind. Western medicine often relies on empirical evidence and rigorous scientific testing. The methods described, such as Reiki, Tai-Chi, and acupuncture, though beneficial for some, may not have the same level of substantiation as conventional medical treatments. It’s important to integrate both traditional and modern practices, ensuring that patients receive a comprehensive approach to health and well-being. Balancing both perspectives can lead to a more holistic and effective treatment plan.

  2. An exceptionally insightful article! The depth of knowledge on Chi and its historical significance in various Eastern cultures is profoundly enlightening. The comprehensive breakdown of how Chi impacts different aspects of our lives and the practical advice on balancing it through various traditional methods, such as Reiki, Tai Chi, and acupuncture, is commendable. This piece adds a layer of understanding to the holistic approach toward health, emphasizing the crucial role of energy balance in achieving overall well-being. A must-read for anyone intrigued by the confluence of ancient wisdom and modern health practices!

  3. The variety of healing techniques mentioned, from traditional methods like Feng Shui to modern approaches like Electrotherapy, provides a broad perspective on how Chi can be balanced. It’s interesting to see how these methods integrate with the concept of energy in the body.

  4. The article does well in explaining the different chakras and their associated colors and functions. This helps in understanding how energy centers in the body can be activated or balanced through simple practices such as color therapy or dietary changes.

  5. The discussion about Chi and its role in traditional Chinese medicine is absolutely fascinating. It exemplifies the intricate connection between our physical health and our energy fields, something that Western medicine often overlooks. Practices like Tai Chi and acupuncture are profound examples of how these ancient traditions have found innovative ways to balance one’s Chi to ensure overall well-being. Furthermore, integrating such practices with modern wellness strategies, such as maintaining a circadian rhythm and practicing mindfulness, could offer a more holistic approach to health. It’s astonishing how cultures with thousands of years of history have developed such nuanced understandings of the human body and mind.

  6. The relationship between Chi and the circadian clock is a fascinating aspect. Understanding how energy flows through different organs can offer insights into addressing physical ailments by unblocking stagnant energy.

  7. The article provides a comprehensive overview of Chi and its significance in both Eastern and Western traditions. It’s interesting to see how different cultures approach the concept of energy within the body, and how practices like Tai Chi and Reiki are employed to balance this energy.

  8. The historical context of Chi and its applications in healing practices such as acupuncture and massage therapy is quite informative. The article explains the concept clearly and highlights the importance of maintaining a balanced Chi for overall health.

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