Using Tarot for Good Luck

Using Tarot for Good Luck

There are many tarot card readers that know that there is both good and bad cards that someone can draw during a reading. When you look at a spread in front of you, there are some cards that are meant to bring you good luck. Here they are:

  • Ace of Pentacles

This is a card that means “coins.” The pentacle cards can mean good things in your finances, and it can symbolize wealth and abundance. If you have a dream of living your best life and you get this card, then chances are that you might get a promotion, or you might get the chance to start your own business.

  • Ace of Cups

This card is also called “chalices” and it is part of the Minor Arcana suit. This card symbolizes your emotions and the cup shows overflowing which can mean that your intuition is strong.

  • The Sun

This is a card that is considered one of the best ones that you can draw. This card can tell you that you are going to see a beautiful day in front of you and that you will have what you need.

  • The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card is part of the Major Arcana and represents having fortune and good changes in your life. 

  • The Empress

This card is part of the Major Arcana card. This is a card that works with energy and magic and can mean things like:

  • Creating things.
  • Business ventures.
  • Relationship.
  • Wealth.
  • The King of Pentacles

The king is a card that can mean financial security and can mean that you have put effort into bettering your life.

  • The Lovers

This is a card that shows two people holding each other and this card can mean that your relationship is going to be good in the future.

  • Three of Cups

This is a card that is filled cups and they are held by a young lady dancing and celebrating. This can mean that you will have great friends and people in your future.

  • Six of Wands

This is part of the Minor Arcana group and can mean that you are able to be successful with projects that you take on in the future.

  • Ten of Cups

This is one of the best cards that you can get if you get a reading. This can mean that you will have blessings and that you will live your happiest life.

Final Thoughts

When you want to get a tarot card reading make sure that you are talking to a psychic that is going to give you information that is true and honest. When you want to know about luck in your life, a tarot card reading can help you!


  1. This article provides an enlightening overview of some of the most auspicious tarot cards one can draw during a reading. The breakdown of each card’s symbolism, from financial prosperity with the Ace of Pentacles to emotional abundance with the Ace of Cups, offers a nuanced understanding of the positive energies these cards can bring into one’s life. It’s a great resource for both novice and seasoned tarot enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge.

  2. The explanatory breakdown of each card and its potential impact on a reading is quite insightful. For anyone delving into the world of tarot, understanding the significance of cards like the Ace of Pentacles or The Sun can substantially enrich their interpretative skills. Such cards not only offer a glimpse of potential fortunes but also encourage individuals to align their intuitions and actions with the auspicious energies they represent. The recommendations at the end about consulting an honest psychic are equally crucial, ensuring that one receives authentic and meaningful guidance.

    • I agree, Lefty. It’s fascinating to see how tarot cards can offer different insights based on their symbolism. The Ace of Pentacles, for instance, seems to be very positive for those looking at financial growth.

  3. It’s intriguing to see how tarot cards like The Wheel of Fortune and The Lovers can signify major shifts in one’s life. The article does a good job of outlining the potential positive outcomes associated with these cards.

  4. While I appreciate the enthusiasm surrounding these specific tarot cards, I must argue that interpreting tarot is a deeply subjective and nuanced practice. Reducing their meanings to purely ‘good’ outcomes oversimplifies the intricate layers of symbolism inherent in each card. For instance, while the Ace of Pentacles is associated with material abundance, it also cautions one to remain grounded and avoid materialism. Similarly, the Lovers card, beyond foreshadowing harmonious relationships, poses challenging questions about personal values and choices. Thus, a more balanced approach that considers both the light and dark aspects of these cards would provide a richer, more accurate understanding.

  5. The focus on cards that bring good luck is a refreshing take. I appreciate the detailed descriptions, especially for cards within the Minor Arcana. The Six of Wands and the Three of Cups seem particularly promising.

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