Finding Your Life Purpose with Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts

Many of us are on earth searching for our life purpose. For those who believe in soul contracts, we have a destiny that predetermines our lives. The universe has created a specific plan for each person.

Finding Who You Are

It can take a great deal of soul searching to figure out who you are and to learn to connect with the soul guides to discover your individual soul contract. This soul contract is an agreement made with spirit guides prior to reincarnating on earth, basically a blueprint for your life.

A soul contract will also outline what you do on earth and the lessons you learn, as well as what you feel. some souls return to earth multiple times just to have different experiences. Scientifically speaking, a soul contract is the energy frequency deeply embedded in DNA.

Your Personal Vibration

Your specific vibration is rooted in your birth name with the order of letters and resulting sounds having a big influence. The soul contract provides your karma, talent, and goals, breaking down your behaviors in the way a birth chart breaks down your personality.

Karma and Akashic Records

Karma can get in the way of things when the soul does not have the chance to do what it came to do which can cause your soul to reincarnate. You can access your soul contract through the Akashic records which is a reference to a nonphysical library that holds every thought, experience, and emotion that has ever happened to every soul that has ever been.

Accessing these records can help you locate information about when your soul was created, about present situations, and past lives. Future possibilities can be discovered as well. It will reveal what you need to learn in that moment for your journey.

Meditating and Accessing Your Spirit Guides

Learn to spend time meditating deeply. This allows you to access the records through your spirit guide. This is not an easy process to learn, but it is open to anyone who is willing. You do not need to have psychic abilities because the information you receive, in amount and degree, will vary based on personal gifts and personality.


Everyone has full access to the spiritual world even if they don’t have the same gifts. Some people who are highly detail oriented will likely receive complex, detailed information or those who are artists may see through colors. Some may even experience messages in the form of music or dance. No matter how it is received, the ability to tap into it is present and can be learned.


  1. Accessing the Akashic records as a way to understand our life purpose sounds like a profound practice. Even if one approaches this concept metaphorically rather than literally, the process of deep meditation and reflection can undoubtedly lead to significant personal insights.

  2. The concept of soul contracts is fascinating, and the idea that our life path is predetermined can bring comfort to some. However, it’s important to approach such beliefs with an open mind and a critical perspective. Understanding our personal vibration and karma through introspection and meditation can be a valuable tool for personal growth.

  3. This article is a profound exploration of the concept of soul contracts and their influence on our lives. It’s fascinating to consider how our karma, talents, and life goals might be pre-determined and encoded within us. The idea of accessing the Akashic records to gain insight into our soul’s journey is a truly enlightening perspective. The emphasis on meditation as a means to connect with our spirit guides resonates deeply, suggesting that anyone willing to put in the effort can uncover their life’s blueprint. A thoughtful read for those on a path of self-discovery.

  4. The emphasis on meditation and connecting with spirit guides as a way to access one’s soul contract underscores the importance of mindfulness practices. Whether or not one subscribes to the idea of predetermined destinies, these practices can certainly help individuals navigate their lives with more clarity and purpose.

  5. While the article provides an interesting viewpoint on life’s purpose and soul contracts, it would be beneficial to see a discussion on how these ideas align or conflict with scientific perspectives on consciousness and the human mind. Nonetheless, exploring different paradigms can enrich our understanding of existence.

  6. The integration of metaphysical concepts like Akashic records with more mainstream ideas about personal development is intriguing. Whether one believes in reincarnation or not, the practice of soul searching and meditation can be universally beneficial in achieving a deeper understanding of oneself.

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