Manifesting Love with Energy Healing

Manifesting Love with Energy Healing

Too many people have forgotten about the abundance of romantic love. Energy healing can help you cleanse your body and purify the spirit so romantic love is much more possible. The heart chakra is one of the body’s spiritual centers and its state is important when giving and receiving love and affection. If the heart chakra is blocked, you can struggle to trust others and even love yourself. Reiki, energy healing, can clear the chakras, including the heart chakra.

Cut the Cords

If you have ever thought about a specific person and suddenly, they called, then you likely have an etheric cord that connects your aura and chakras to that person, as well as others. Normally, this is wonderful because it means there is a strong connection, but this is not great if the relationship has ended. This is when the cords need to be cut. There is a way to do this:

  • Set an intention about not being connected to that person, in any way, any longer.
  • Fully disengage in all forms of communication with that person, including social media and phones.
  • Show gratitude for the relationship because there are things you have learned.


Move forward by buying a baby pink candle which will serve to help manifest love. Write out the things that you must have in your relationship on a slip of paper and place them under the candle just before lighting it. Be very specific about your needs, including emotional ones, healthy ones, etc. Also write out what you will bring to the relationship. Close by thanking the universe and signing your name.

This can be taken further if you schedule a session with an empath focused psychic. This can facilitate growth as you revisit past lives, remove blocks, and void any soul contracts.

Crystals and Mantras

Another form of healing can be through the wearing of crystals as pendants or even placing them in your bra or by a bedside table. Rose quartz is a love manifesting stone, rhodochrosite for healing childhood wounds, or even ruby red for heart strengthening can be helpful.

You will also want to adopt healing and helpful mantras because we trust what we repeat. Try things like : “I deserve love in abundance”, “Love and forgiveness builds a foundation for a healthy relationship”, or  “In all my relationships I give and seek only love”.