How Can Past Life Regression Healing Help?

Past Life Regression Healing

There is so much knowledge and memory in a person that has passed on to their next life. These same types of memories and knowledge come to people that are living their life now.

These thoughts that people have are part of their conscious thinking. If you are someone that believes in past lives or you think that you have lived one, the memories and the feelings that you have are going to be even bigger.

The past traumas and hurt that you have held on to from your past life and even the great things that you have done can come to you through memories. These memories that you have will often come back over different lifetimes. When this happens, you might not even be aware of what your spirit is showing you.

Some feel that their memories are a burden to them. They feel that they choices that they make shouldn’t be decided by thoughts that they have from different lifetimes. They will look at getting past life regression in order to see what steps they need to take to live a happy life. Once you learn to understand your past, you can let go of things holding you back.

Symptoms of a Past Life

There are different things that you will go through in your life. There will be issues that come to your mind and these issues can be hurtful and challenging. If there are challenges that you have to face, you will need a lifetime to work through them.

As you live your life and you see things, you will see that your life is different day by day. You will see that there might be things that you are dealing with that you don’t understand or that you have a hard time accepting such as:

• Phobias.
• Nightmares.
• Hard relationships.
• Trauma.
• Relationship patterns.
• Illnesses.
• Addictions.

You have to learn to get to the root of what is causing you to have these feelings and these thoughts. You can do that.

Psychic Help

You can talk to a psychic that can help you to get rid of negativity out of your life. If you feel that you are stuck in a cycle, you will see that you are experiencing something that may have come through your past.

You can meditate and allow your memories to come to your life and this can bring healing to you. As you work through your journey, you will see that you can get rid of the emotions and the traumas that have caused you pain for all of these years. Live a happy life and let healing come.

Finding Potential

As you learn about your past life, you can have peace and move on to be a better you.

Loving You and Loving Others

Figuring out your past life can allow you to love yourself even more. You will see that you have the chance to progress and to get past fear and phobias that have cause you trouble. Release these things and let light shine through you.

Allow yourself to live a positive life and get rid of the fear and baggage that is hurtful. Even if this means moving on from your relationship, letting your inner child out or learning a life lesson, this can work.

Get Over Fear

Some people are afraid of things they don’t know. Learn to live your life in peace and allow yourself to connect with your past and the experiences that you have had. This will let you see the bigger picture and to move on through your lifetimes that will come later.


  1. This article on past lives and the role of memory is truly enlightening. It provides a comprehensive view on how our past experiences may shape our current realities, offering a unique perspective on personal growth. The suggestion to seek psychic help and engage in meditation to unlock these memories is both fascinating and thought-provoking. Embracing our past to heal and progress is a profound concept that resonates deeply. Excellent read!

  2. The idea that past life memories can influence our present life decisions suggests a complex interplay between subconscious memories and conscious actions. Exploring this could provide unique insights into behavioral patterns.

  3. It’s worth considering whether past life regression therapy could be a useful tool for some individuals. It might be comparable to other therapeutic methods that deal with past trauma, even if the ‘past life’ aspect is metaphorical.

  4. The concept of past lives and the traumas or blessings they bring is indeed intriguing. While there’s no scientific evidence, it opens up fascinating discussions about consciousness and memory.

  5. The psychological implications of such beliefs are significant. Understanding one’s past life could be a method of introspection, potentially offering healing or at least a framework for understanding current struggles.

  6. From a philosophical standpoint, the notion of past lives challenges our understanding of identity and personal growth. Whether or not one believes in past lives, the idea encourages deep self-reflection and personal development.

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