Making Your Psychic Gifts Strong

Making Your Psychic Gifts Strong

Do you wonder if you have a psychic gift? Rather you know your gift or not, most people have a psychic gift but not everyone knows it. Even if you know you have one, chances are that you might not know how to develop them. Psychic abilities need to be developed in order to be strong.

Making Your Psychic Gifts Strong

Here are some ways that you can make your psychic gifts strong:

  • Know the Gifts

The first thing that you need to do is to learn the different kinds of psychic gifts that people can have. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Practice using your third eye. This is the chakra that is found in the middle of the forehead. This gift allows you to see visions and to see images. Imagine something coming to your mind and close your eyes and see what you see.
  • Clairvoyance is a gift that helps you to see into the spiritual world. This is a gift that helps you to be able to know what spirits are saying or doing. Remote viewing is part of clairvoyance, and it means that you can see a location in your mind, even if you haven’t ever been there.
  • Clairaudience is another clair psychic gift. This gift means clear hearing and it is a way that you can hear what the spirits are trying to say to you. Listen to what you are hearing and see how it changes your emotions.
  • Practice

There are different ways that you can practice your psychic gifts and here are some ways:

  • Hold an object in your hands and stay relaxed. Keep your eyes closed and ask yourself what you are feeling. See what kind of emotions the object makes you have.
  • Listen to your intuition and write down what you feel about the object or where you feel that the object has been. Don’t edit it. Let the owner of the object tell you about the object and see if you got it right.
  • Hidden Objects

Here is an exercise that you can do by hiding your objects and using your psychic gifts:

  • Imagine that you are connected to the energy of the object. Try to find out where it is located without asking. Ask yourself if the object is placed up high or is down low.
  • Use pictures or objects. You can have your friend put a picture in an envelope and seal it and then guess what the picture is of.
  • Meditation

Meditation is one way that you can increase your psychic gifts. You can use this as part of your development. Here’s how to meditate:

  • Find a quiet place that you won’t be distracted.
  • Close your eyes and notice the things around you. Pay attention to what you smell and what you hear.
  • Keep your eyes closed and deep breathe.
  • Play music in the background that is soft, and you can chant if you want to.
  • Get rid of clutter in your mind.
  • Think of a plus sign when you breathe in and a minus when you breathe out.
  • Repeat this exercise.
  • Clear out any negative thoughts.
  • Subconscious Thinking

You can learn to listen and know that you have intuition. This is a way that you can listen to your gut instead of always listening to logic. Everyone has some kind of intuition and the more you develop it the more you will trust yourself.

Notice things around you and feelings and when you make a decision based on your intuition, write down the outcome. Notice if there are any kind of patterns.

Take a few minutes when you wake up in the morning to remember if you have had any dreams. Write down your dreams and don’t leave out any detail. You can go back and read this later.

  • Empathy

There are some people that are empaths, and they are able to feel the feelings and emotions of those around them and even areas. This is when you pick up the energies of others.

People are born having empathy but there are some people that can develop this gift. Those that are born with this psychic gift are able to read body language and able to read non-verbal cues which helps them.

Those that are psychic healers are often able to put their hands on someone and feel their emotions. This is one way that they can replace the negativity with positive things and energies.

  • Pay Attention

Another thing that you can do to develop your intuition is to learn to concentrate. Use your mind to focus on things.

Practice this by taking a picture and looking at it for one minute and then stop looking and try to write down the picture or draw the picture exactly how it is. Try and remember every single detail.

Use your imagination when you are thinking about things and always daydream. Don’t be surprised about how important this is and notice that children are often strong in their psychic gifts because of their strong imaginations.

  • Energy Fields

Everyone and everything is made up of energies. Psychics are people that really look at the energy around them and they use this to build themselves up.

The aura and your chakra are two parts of your energies. These are things that can help you to understand your thoughts and feelings. Someone can read your aura and know if you have sickness or if you are emotional. Your chakras need to stay unblocked so that you can have good health in your mind, body, and soul.

Try and look at the energy field of other people. See if you can read auras or see if you can even read your own aura. Try and figure out what the person is feeling. If you can see their aura, try, and read their thoughts.

  • Energy Everywhere

Energy is everywhere and this means it will flow out of the body. Stand about 10 feet from someone if you want to read their aura and have them stand against a white background. See what colors you see around them.

You can also try to look them deep into the eyes and then let your eyes get hazy. After you do this see if you can see colors. If you close your eyes they should disappear and if so, you are seeing their aura.

  • Chakra Unblocking

There are seven main chakras in the body and these control emotions, thoughts and your physical being. When the chakras are unblocked and flowing freely, you are healthy but when the chakra is blocked, the energy is suppressed, and it can cause physical and mental problems.

Think about your chakras and see if you can see ones in your body that are blocked. Imagine a white light flowing through your body and opening up these blockages.

  • Cleansing Negative Energies

It is important to get rid of negative energies and if you are psychic, you are probably sensitive to these kinds of energies. This kind of energy can cause stress and unhappiness. You need to be as positive as you can.

Make sure that you are grounding yourself by allowing your energy to flow from the ground to your body and back down. Imagine roots leaving your body and going into the ground and you will be grounded.

  • Stay Still and Quiet

Sometimes you need to be quiet and just listen. Since there is always things going on, try to get out of the noise and the distraction for a while and let your mental self-concentrate on good things such as birds chirping or something in nature that you love to listen to.

As you do this, it can help you to be free of brain clutter and help you to open your mind to your psychic gifts.

Final Thoughts

Let your psychic gifts develop by trying some of the steps above. If you aren’t sure yet if you are psychic or not, try to see if you can know things without asking someone or how you feel around certain kinds of energies.

If you know you are psychic and you need to develop your gift, try to stay away from electronics and concentrate on what you want to happen with your gift.