Using a Crystal Pendulum for Clarity

Crystal Pendulum

Are you someone that wants to grow in their spirituality, or you want to star doing spiritual practices? Or maybe you are someone that just needs to have some clarity. No matter what you are looking for, by using a crystal pendulum, you can balance your chakras and get your mind, body, and soul where you want it to be.

The pendulum can help you when you are doing readings including tarot, oracle, or angel card readings. Or you can use crystals if you need to unblock your energies. You don’t have to own your own pendulum to do a reading or, if you are considering buying one, keep reading for more information.

Using a Pendulum

A pendulum is a tool of divination that psychics or people that are spiritually developing their life might use. Some will use a string or a chain and will attach a crystal or some kind of charm on it in order to use this as a tool.

The charm or the crystal will be suspended in the air by your fingers and will move around. It might go forward or back or in a circular motion.

What to Do with a Pendulum

Do you need a quick answer to something going on in your life? If so, a pendulum can help. You can get the yes or no answer that you need fast. A pendulum can also let you know if you have some kind of energy block.

Picking the Right Pendulum

You should use your intuition when you are trying to pick a pendulum. Find one that you feel connected with or one that you are drawn to. There might be a kind of crystal that you really connect with and if so, choose one with that crystal.

All of the different crystals have different gifts so if you need a certain kind of strength or healing, use the crystal that works for those things.

Keeping Your Crystal Pendulum Strong

After you get your crystal and you attach it to your chain or string, make sure that the crystal is cleansed. You can find different ways to cleanse your crystal such as putting it in the sun or moonlight, burying it in salt, cleansing it with water or more. Sometimes crystals like the clear quartz have natural cleansing powers and they can cleanse other crystals close to them.

The Pendulum Tool

The pendulum is considered a tool of divination. Psychics and other people will meditate and then concentrate on a certain question. They will then ask the question out loud or in their mind.

Once the question is asked, the pendulum will swing in a certain motion. This will help you to know what the answer to the question is. Most people suggest starting with simple yes or no questions to get to really know your pendulum.

Pendulum and Healing

When you need your energy healed, the pendulum can help you with this. Since each of the stones have their own vibrations, the crystal that you choose for the pendulum can increase your vibrations and bring healing to your body.

Hold the pendulum over the chakra in your body that seems to be blocked or unbalanced. Look at how the pendulum moves. The movements will allow the crystal to bring healing and balance to that chakra.

Pick the crystal that will be used for your dowsing needs. It is best to pick one kind of pendulum that you want to use for one thing and don’t try to use it for multiple things. Some of the pendulums can get rid of pain while others will bring clarity to your life. Other pendulums are best used when doing a reading.

Once you decide what pendulum to use and what to use it for, keep them separate form each other. Always cleanse the pendulum before and after you use it for any kind of healing or reading work.