How to Connect with Passed Loved Ones

Connect with Passed Loved Ones

Have you lost someone close to you that you love? When this happens, it can be a strong desire to want to be close to them. The thing is, there are psychics that have been reaching out to those that have passed to the other sides for years and years. And, on top of that, some people don’t even need a psychic to help them do this. Once you understand and know that there are different tools that you can use to speak to your deceased loved ones, you can start doing it on your own.

Holding Something of Theirs

One thing that you can do is to find an item that belonged to your dead loved one. The object can have energy left in it that was theirs. The energy can give you a way of opening up communication lines with that person.

Holding this object can help you to increase your chances of connecting with them and if you want to, light a candle to make the connection even stronger.

Look for Signs

Many people miss out on talking to their deceased loved ones because they don’t listen or pay attention to the signs around them. Some of the signs that come to you include:

• Hearing their voice.
• Lights going on and off.
• Strange phone calls.
• Small gifts.
• Feathers.
• Coins.
• Stones.
• Smelling them.
• Feeling them touch you.

There are different signs that your loved ones might want to use in order to communicate with you. Spirits will use different ways to do this.

Talk to a Psychic Medium

If you find that you can’t connect with your deceased loved one on your own, you might need to talk to a psychic medium. You can have them help you to create a connection that helps you to talk to them. Mediums have special gifts in order to reach the spiritual world.

Make sure that you find a medium that is real and one that isn’t a fraud. There are many mediums that are just out to scam you and you should always look at customer reviews and meet them before you choose that particular medium. Pay attention to rather your medium is using your energy or if they are trying to make you give them all the answers.


Many loved ones will come to you in dreams. This is a way that they can visit you. They might come to you covered in light and they might have a message to give you. Most of the time the loved one will come to you so that you can know that they are okay.

People often forget their dreams but if you wake up and you have had this kind of dream, try to write it down. This will allow you to go back over your dream later. Try to write down as many details as you can. The more you practice this, the more you will be able to connect with your dreams stronger. Don’t get upset if you aren’t great at this at first, keep practicing.

Know Special Days

Pay attention to special days such as your loved ones birthday or their favorite holiday. These are times that they might show up to you in your dreams, in a visitation or in another way. They hold these events as specials so pay attention to these days for signs.

Ask Them

Spirits can hear you when you talk to them, and they might send you messages through other people or through the radio. When they communicate with you, it can change your life. Most people forget that they can just ask, and the spirits might show up.

Some spirits won’t come to you unless you ask them to. It can cause people fear that don’t want this to happen and so if you don’t ask them, they might not come. They often will wait for your permission. If you get scared, they might think that you don’t want them around so asking them is the best choice.

Final Thoughts

As you learn to talk to the spirit world, you will see that you can talk to those that have passed on to the other side. Keep your heart and mind open and you will see that there are signs that you might be missing.