Why Do You Have Past Life Connections?

Past Life Connections

Do you wonder if you have past life connections? The truth is, everyone is connected by energies and that means that we are all connected in one way or another. You can learn more about your connections by accessing your Akashic records. These are records that have everything that has ever happened to you in your past, present and future.

When you look at these records, you will see that you can find out about your past life connections. Your soul is something that never dies. It knows everything that has ever happened to you by the things recorded in these records.

There are different reasons that you might want to access these records, and this can include things that keep happening to you such as déjà vu experiences or even having recurring dreams or nightmares. These can be part of your past life experiences.

Understanding a Past Life Connection

When you look at your past life, you can understand yourself deeper. This means that you can find out about what is going on in your life and if something is hard, you can look at your past life and see if that is what is causing you to deal with present patterns.

Having a past life connection can be healing for you and if you have trauma that you have experienced, the memories from your past life can help you to let go of things that aren’t helping you in your present life.

The past life connections that you have are the people, places, or things that you have a strong connection with, and this can be people that bring positivity or negativity into your life.

Learning Lessons with Past Life Connections

Experiencing things from your past life can bring you healing but these connections also have other benefits such as:

  • Giving you guidance in what you are dealing with in the now.
  • Seeing the situation that you are in from a different point of view and then letting go of negative patterns that come from your past.
  • Bring healing and help you to get rid of pain or trauma.
  • Guide you and help you understand your past better.

People sometimes struggle in their life because they have to deal with past life situations. These things from the past can bring problems into now and they can bring up feelings of fear, abandonment and can even show if you have phobias.

You can heal from these things and then you can understand your past life and then let things go. Once you do that, you will be able to work through these fears and phobias that you face.

There are some people that want to understand their soulmate or their twin flame relationships that come from their past life, and these are connections that carry on past one life to another. These are people that you have known for more than one life and when you see them, you have an instant connection and knowing for them.

Signs of a Past Life Connection

The connections that you have with people from your pat life can be both good and bad. Here are some signs that you might have had a past life connection:

  • Intense Rivalry

If you have an intense feeling of rivalry with someone that you know, this can mean that you might have been enemies in a past life. This can mean that you are ready to compete with them and you will have a hard time getting along because you are always trying to be better than they are.

You can deal with this when you learn where these feelings are coming from, and you face them and understand how to let them go.

  • Feeling Familiar

Even though you haven’t ever met this person in this life, the past life connection that you share with them can mean that you might have been super close in your past life. This can mean that you were best friends, and you are familiar with them.

  • Synchronicities

Meeting someone in a place where you didn’t expect to see them can be a synchronistic event. This can come from a connection that you have, and this happens when you are on the same vibration that someone else is.

Synchronicities are there to show you that you have a connection with something or someone from your past life.

  • Strong Feelings

Strong feelings that you have for someone will show you that you have a strong connection with someone from your past life.  These can be feelings that are both positive and negative, but they will always be strong.

You might have strong feelings of love or hate for them and either way, you won’t be able to ignore these feelings and you have to face them.

  • Periods of Déjà vu

Déjà vu happens when you have a connection with people or places. You might have a feeling that you have been somewhere before or that you have met someone before. Notice these feelings and see what situations are showing up that bring them.

  • Unfinished Situations

When you meet someone and you feel that you have things that you need to finish with them, this can mean that they are from your past life. This can come in the form of a feeling that you need to let go of something, and you need to figure out how to move on.

If you have situations that you feel are unfinished, you need to know that this is from a past life connection, and you need to let it go or figure out how to complete it.

  • You Get Along Good

Getting along good with someone that you have just met can mean that you have a past life connection with them. This can be someone that is your soulmate from another life, or it might even be your twin flame.

The connection will be strong, and they will be someone that you can talk to easily. Here are some of the connections that you might have:

  • Student and teacher relationships: This can be a person that you have connected with in the past that you learned from or that you feel that you need to teach.
  • Twin flame relationship: This can be someone that comes back to you from the past. They only come once, and they are the other half of your soul. This will be a connection and the strongest relationship that you can have with someone.
  • Trusting Someone

Trust is hard and when you find that you trust someone that you have just recently met, this can be hard to ignore. This is someone that you will feel like you can talk to and someone that you feel that you can trust without ever having to work hard at it.

  • Emotions

Having positive emotions around a person that you have just met can mean that you have had a past life connection. They might make you feel happy, or they might make you feel excited when they come around.

These are emotions that you won’t be able to ignore, and this can mean that this past life connection is strong.

  • Connected Souls

When a soul is connected, it means that there is a deep connection and a deep bond. They will be someone that you want to be with and someone that is important enough in your life that you should try and understand the connection even better.

Having this kind of connection should be noticed and you should try to spend more time with them, and you should do things that can build you up spiritually such as meditating together.

  • Past Life and Numerology

There are many things that numbers can mean in life. If you have a connection with someone and you think it’s a past life connection, you need to look up their date of birth and find out if they have a number that is compatible with you.

The number will tell you if you have had a past life connection with this person. If they have a compatible number, then chances are that you have a past life connection with this person.

  • Past Life and Astrology

Astrology can help you to know if you have a past life connection with someone. Having a strong bond with someone can be interesting and you can look at the planets and the stars and see if the connection shows compatibility.

Look at the chart that has been made for you through astrology and see if you have a past life connection with someone. This is called a composite chart, and it is created by taking the birth charts of both people and combining them together. This can tell how the relationship is going and if it is from a past life connection.

Understanding a Pasts Life Connection

A past life connection is when you have a past life situation, experience, or bond with someone from a past life.

Why Are These Connections Important?

Past life connections are important because they can help you to understand behaviors and patterns that you keep repeating. If you are in a relationship with someone and you have a past life connection with them, this could have come from things that you didn’t finish before you started your new incarnation.

How Do You Know if You Have a Past Life Connection?

You can tell if you have a past life connection with someone when you feel super familiar with them. They will make you feel that you have known them forever and they will make you comfortable when you are around them.

These people might show up in your dreams and you might also have your intuition go off when they come around you.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is a person that is the other half of your soul. This is a connection that you will have with only one person.

Does Numerology Show Past Life Connections?

Yes. Numerology can help you to know if you have a past life connection with someone.

Does Astrology Tell Past Life Connections?

Astrology can show you if you are compatible with someone or if you have karma with that person.


  1. The signs of past life connections such as synchronicities and intense feelings towards others are thought-provoking. Whether one believes in past lives or not, these concepts encourage us to think about our relationships and interactions on a deeper level.

  2. This article provides a profound exploration of the interconnectedness of our past and present lives. The concept of accessing Akashic records to understand past life connections is both fascinating and enlightening. It offers a unique perspective on dealing with current life challenges by addressing unresolved issues from past incarnations. The emphasis on healing and spiritual growth through understanding these connections resonates deeply with me. Truly, this is a compelling read for anyone interested in spiritual development and self-discovery.

  3. The concept of past life connections and accessing Akashic records to understand them is certainly fascinating. However, one must approach such metaphysical assertions with a degree of skepticism and critical thinking. While the idea that our souls retain memories of past lives can provide a comforting framework for understanding unexplainable feelings or experiences, it remains a theory without empirical evidence. Personal biases and the human tendency to find patterns and meaning where there might be none can contribute to the belief in such connections. It’s crucial to balance one’s open-mindedness with rational inquiry, ensuring that we don’t let subjective experiences overshadow objective reality.

  4. The article’s take on past life soulmate and twin flame relationships is quite unique. It suggests that understanding these connections can bring profound insights and emotional clarity. It’s an interesting dimension to consider when reflecting on our closest relationships.

  5. The concept of Akashic records is fascinating. It’s intriguing to think that there might be a repository of knowledge containing all our past experiences and future possibilities. The idea of understanding our present life through past connections offers a unique perspective on personal development.

  6. Exploring past life connections for healing purposes is a compelling argument. It aligns with several holistic approaches to mental health, where understanding the root cause of current issues, even if from a past life, can be helpful in resolving trauma and emotional pain.

  7. The connection between past lives and current experiences can indeed be compelling. The suggestion that recurring dreams or feelings of déjà vu might be linked to past life events opens up interesting avenues for psychological exploration and personal reflection.

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