Finding the Right Relationship

Finding the Right Relationship

We’re all looking for the right person to spend our lives with, whether we realize it or not. We want to experience that connection, that love, and the joy that comes with being around someone who matches us in all the right ways. These connections can seem like they are few and far between, which is what makes them special when they do come around.

Finding the right relationship isn’t about luck or destiny, happenstance or coincidence.

Here are a few ways you can intentionally seek out the right relationships in your life through mindfulness, awareness, and staying true to yourself.

  1. Know yourself. We are constantly learning about ourselves through every circumstance we face in life. From good and bad relationships to our families, the friends we surround ourselves with to our jobs, we are always faced with ways we can learn and grow. This is a constant goal we are striving toward, but you can be true to yourself as you are today. By knowing yourself, you can attract a mate that loves who you are.
  2. Know what you want. Again, this is a constantly evolving category in our lives. The kind of person we wanted to attract at age 17 isn’t the same person we want to attract at age 32. Always keep an eye out for the character traits you want in a partner and notice when they start to change. By having these characteristics in mind, you can better keep your eyes out for the right relationship when it comes along.
  3. Put yourself out there. You can’t attract a potential partner by staying at home, or by not ever leaving your comfort zone. By putting yourself out into the dating world you open yourself up to the potential for finding true love.
  4. Allow other people to pursue you, too. We all like to chase and to be chased. Let potential partners woo you- give them the chance to impress you. This can help you build confidence in the dating game and see what options for romantic partners are out there for you.
  5. Give people a chance. We sometimes jump to conclusions about people based on a bad first impression. Sometimes we’re right in discounting them, but other times we miss an amazing person because we aren’t looking in the right places for them. Even if you aren’t entirely sure about someone, give people a chance. The love of our lives is often where we least expect them to be.
  6. Stop worrying if you are right for them. Focus on how they make you feel and if you, as partners, are enjoying life together. If you don’t feel fulfilled by that relationship, it isn’t right for you.

Finding the right relationship isn’t a matter of timing or a formula we can follow to make sure we find the right person. It’s a matter of trust, compromise, and never settling for less than we deserve.

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