When Death Comes Suddenly

When Death is Sudden

Many of us wonder what happens to us after we die. If the death is sudden and unexpected, it can have a major impact on the family and friends of that person who is suddenly no longer there. Grief and emotional chaos can make dealing with that person’s death very difficult, and it can be hard to make decisions because everyone is suffering and experiencing such strong emotions.

Death is never very welcome, but it is especially hard when the person who has died was young and had many years ahead of them. We expect people to live long lives, and yet for some of us this is not the case. For some of us, though, an early death is part of our karmic destiny.

An early death can indicate that the person has worked out their karma in the way they needed to in that life. An early death means that that person’s spirit is no longer confined to their human body- this is exhilarating and intense but might also bring feelings of regret for things done and things not done.

Death can be a lesson for the living as well as the dead. The living have to process the death of their loved one and learn how to live in a world without that person in it. This can be a challenging and emotionally trying process, but it is necessary and a valuable part of life. Death can awaken certain spiritual senses in those still alive; the ability to see or sense departed spirits is higher in people who have experienced the death of a close friend or family member.

After the sudden passing of a loved one, you might experience a visitation from them. This usually occurs between 7-10 days of their death. Usually, spirits will visit before they have fully crossed over, either on their own or because of an earthly funeral or memorial closing out their time here.

Visitations can decrease around this time but increase again once the spirit has accomplished a few things on the other side. If you do experience a visitation, don’t worry- this is just another part of the path that a spirit must walk after death.

Being visited can be a lonely experience, so people are encouraged to share their experience with others. You might find that you are indeed not alone, and that the spirit has visited others around you.

After death, spirits often seek out those in their lives who are most attuned to the spiritual or psychic world. Check with your friends and family members who are quite in tune with their senses to see if they have been visited at all.

Look for signs from your loved one. Their energy often leaves remnants of themselves and their personalities around them when they leave. Through the grief you feel, it can be hard to see these signs but try to be aware. Most often these signs are just the dead trying to let you know that they are still around. The cycle of visitation is just one way a spirit is processing their crossing over experience and letting people in their life know that they are ok.

You might be wondering why a spirit hasn’t contacted you yet, and it might be because you just aren’t ready yet. Sometimes we need to step away from our grief in order to see clearly, and this comes with time.

Death can cause those of us left to struggle, but it is also a time of great exploration and joy on the part of the person who has departed. Do you best to remain aware in case your loved one is trying to get in touch with you after their sudden passing. You never know what this visit could bring to your life.