How to Get Past Self-Doubt

Past Self-Doubt

It can be a toxic life that you live when you live with self-doubt. This means that you are looking at your own life and not being able to see past your failures. It means you are stuck with the idea that you might not really be good at anything or that you might not know anything. This can bring on frustration and stress and cause you to miss out on good things in your life. Get free from self-doubt.

What Does it Mean to Have Self-Doubt?

When you feel that you are not worthy of your job, your family or having good things, this can be part of having self-doubt. People that have this are often stuck in a period of negativity in their life. They know that their relationships are there, but they sabotage them because they don’t think that they will be able to keep a good things going. This can also cause people to miss reaching their goals.

Seeing Self-Doubt

Self-doubt comes in many forms. This can come to you when you quit a job or when you get into a relationship that is hard. If you aren’t able to look at your problems and face them, chances are that you will not be able to deal with things when they get hard. You will see that there are problems, and you will have to work through them so that you can become strong and self-sufficient.

You also need to see that when you have self-doubt, it leaves you in situations that are unhealthy because you don’t believe that you deserve anything better. You might be someone that stays at a job that never gives you a promotion because you are afraid that you are going to find another job if you quit this one. You feel that everyone else deserves better treatment, but you believe that this is the kind of job and living you deserve.

Self-doubt comes into play when you are in situations that are bad for you. This becomes a crutch and allows you to settle for something that you don’t deserve because you begin to believe that you don’t deserve something better.

Where Does Self-Doubt Come From?

Here are some reasons people have self-doubt:

  • Experiences as a child: When you face things as a child such as abuse or criticism, it can carry on to adulthood. Sometimes parents don’t allow children to grow up and be independent and this can cause adulthood self-doubt.
  • Trauma: Trauma can cause people to have self-doubt. This can be losing someone that you love or even an illness. If you are part of a crime, then you will have more self-doubt and might be afraid to make choices.
  • Relationships: Relationships that are bad will cause people to believe that is what they deserve. Being in a good relationship means that you are with people that are supportive and caring. When you deal with abuse or jealousy in the relationship, you might get the mindset that you deserve it.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

There are ways that you can stop doubting who you are. First, you need to stop living in the past. Learn to focus on your new life and new adventures. Take time to congratulate yourself for the good things that you do. We have all failed, but it is time to move forward.

You need to pay attention to who you are giving your time to. Don’t be with people that are abusive or dishonest. Find people to be around that respect you and treat you kindly.

Listen to how you talk to yourself. You should be your own best friend. Don’t be negative and put yourself down. Engage in good self-talk and be loving when you mess up and make mistakes.

Taking risks is all part of life. You have to take risks in order to really see what the world has for you. Even if you make mistakes along the way, that is okay. Everyone makes mistakes and it is just part of life. Work through the things in your life that you are afraid of and be in charge of your destiny.

Take Charge of You

Don’t let others decide who you are and what you deserve. Live your best life and learn to move past your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and that is okay. Move forward and you will see that you can change your thought pattern and you can show yourself that you deserve so much more!  You have a real purpose, find it, and embrace it.


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