How to Know If You are in Love

How to Know If You are in Love

Do you wonder if you are in love with someone or if they like you?

Here are some signs that can show that you or them have feelings:

  • Fear

You aren’t afraid and you don’t have a feeling that something is off. You want to know everything, and you feel that you are in love.

  • Fun

No matter what you are doing, it is fun. It becomes fun because you are doing it with someone you care about.

  • Texting

You never put your phone down because you think that they might text you and you don’t want to miss it.

  • Thinking of Them

Out of nowhere you start thinking of your crush. They are always on your mind.

  • Giving Them Time

You are always giving them your time and you are fixated on everything that they do.

  • Relationship

The relationship is easy to deal with and you don’t feel that it is hard. You make an effort to be with them and you want the relationship to work.

  • Nothing Bothers You

Even if things bothered you in the past, now nothing seems to bother you. Nothing grosses you out or upsets you.

  • Things Remind You of Them

Everything you look at reminds you of this person. They are always on your mind, and you see them in everything around you.

  • Stop Talking

You aren’t able to stop talking about the things that they do and how they treat you. It is like you cannot shut up about them.

  • Selfies

You have a phone full of selfies that you have taken with them.

  • Messages

You take time each day to read all the messages he sends you over and over again. You can’t believe that you have strong feelings.

  • Missing Him

You miss him when you aren’t with him. You can’t wait to see him, and you cannot stop thinking about them.

  • Hurtful Love

This is a love that isn’t hurtful to you this time. You know what hurtful love is and this is totally different.

  • Time

You feel that all the time you give him is for a purpose and you don’t feel like you are wasting it.

  • Know it All

You want to know everything that you can know about him. You ask him questions because he is so interesting to you.

  • Freaking Out

You trust him and if you don’t hear from him for a while, you don’t feel bad about it. You know that everyone has to have space here and there.

  • Gifts

You know what gifts to buy him and you never feel that you are wrong when you make a choice. You know just what he likes and doesn’t like.

  • Hours and Minutes

Being with him minutes feels like hours and hours feels like minutes. You could spend all of your time with him and not regret it.

  • Ex

Your ex is no longer on your mind, and you have all but forgotten that he ever existed.

  • Cloud Nine

You feel that you are on drugs because you are so in love. It makes you feel that you are on a high.

  • Defending Them

When someone says something bad about them, you stand up for them and defend them. You don’t let anyone talk about them.

  • Sacrificing

You are willing to sacrifice anything and everything that you have. You know that some things you have to let go and you are willing to do that.

  • Talk About Anything

You know that you can talk to him about anything. You know that he will understand you and that he will do whatever it takes to take care of you.

  • Safe

You feel safe around him and you feel like nothing can hurt you or bother you.

  • Concentrating

You have a hard time concentrating on what is going on because you cannot stop thinking about every aspect of him.

  • Noticing Others

You never notice other men anymore because you are always thinking about him. You cannot get over how he looks and how he treats you.

  • Embarrassing Yourself

You don’t care if you say something stupid or if you embarrass yourself. You enjoy spending all of your time with him even if you say silly things.

  • Feelings

You share the same feelings with him. If he is sad, you are sad too. You feel this way because you care about what each other feels and thinks.

  • Favorite Things

You want to show him all of the things that you love, and you want to share your hobbies and your dreams with him.

  • Choosing Him

No matter what the choices are if he is involved then that is what you choose. Choose to spend time with him as much as you can.

  • Reliving Life

You want to keep living your life, but you want him to be in every aspect of it. You know he wants that too.