Is That Person from Your Past Life?

Past Life

You can learn to notice signs that you were connected to someone that appeared in your past life. Use your intuition to find out if someone from your past life has shown up in your life. You can talk to a psychic and get past life regression and you will see that there are many souls that come into your life that have created a memory.

There are different souls that you will encounter through your life in reincarnation and other ways. Most of the memories that you have that regard your past life are from your unconscious mind. As things happen and trigger your memories, you will see that you can remember people that have come and gone out of your life.

The people that come and go are able to be recognized and when you meet them on earth you will remember them, even if you aren’t sure why.

Recognizing Souls

Some psychics will use hypnosis to allow people to see the souls from their past. They will be able to look into their past, present, and future lives. This allows people to reach into the spirit world.

As the events happen in your life and you go through the chapters, there will be people that come to you from your soul circle. These people are part of the plans in your life, and they aren’t a mistake. You have to learn to be open to recognition when you want to know the souls that are around you.

A recognition class sometimes happens for people at a psychic class. There are some people that can recognize even up to 15 new souls in a day. These are people that have become close to them and that have traveled through different parts of their lifetime.

The people that they meet can be their soulmate or it can be a soul tie. Each of these people are there to teach you a new lesson and to show you the best way to live your life. These people can help you in your present relationships, careers and even can become friends or lovers in your life now. These classes are often led by someone called a prompter that is able to reach into the spirit world and speak to spirit guides.

Kinds of Triggers

In a recognition class, the prompter will give details about people that they notice. These signs are there for people to notice. They will call out recognition of what they see and if you know who the person is, that sign is for you.

Some of the different signs that they will see will be jewelry, a certain perfume smell, the sound of laughing or other signs. This could even be something that someone sees visually. These are things that the clients are not able to ignore.

Knowing the Triggers

You can use your intuition to guide you for souls that are part of your soul circle. This can help you to know when you meet someone that is from your past life. With synchronicities, the universe will bring people to your life that have come from your past. Don’t be close minded and make sure that you keep your mind open to who comes to you.

You will have friends, lovers and even family that come back to you from time to time. This is a gift that your psychic can share with you.


  1. The concept of recognizing souls from past lives is intriguing. I wonder if there is any scientific basis for such claims, or if it is largely anecdotal.

  2. The mention of synchronicities in the context of past life recognition touches on a broader philosophical question about the interconnectedness of events and experiences. How might one distinguish between meaningful coincidences and random occurrences?

  3. The article suggests that psychics can facilitate the recognition of past life connections. How does one assess the credibility of a psychic, and are there standardized methods in this field?

  4. The idea of soul circles and the roles people play in our lives is an interesting lens through which to view relationships. However, it would be beneficial to have more concrete examples or case studies to understand the practicality of these concepts.

  5. This article is absolutely fascinating! The idea that we can recognize souls from our past lives through triggers like scents or sounds is incredibly intriguing. It’s a refreshing perspective that adds depth to our current relationships and experiences. The mention of recognition classes led by a ‘prompter’ who can communicate with spirit guides opens up a whole new realm of understanding. I’m definitely inspired to explore this further and see if I can tap into my own past life connections.

  6. The role of intuition in identifying connections from past lives is compelling. It raises questions about the nature of memory and consciousness. How reliable is our intuition in these matters?

    • Intuition is indeed a fascinating topic. While it can be insightful, it may also be influenced by our desires and biases. It would be interesting to see empirical research on this subject.

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