Knowing if you Have Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities

Most people spend their whole lives ignoring their psychic abilities and they choose to ignore that they have special gifts.

The reason that this happens is because there is such a negativity about being psychic and the idea that things can happen without science.  There is pressure from society to be normal and to get rid of magic and paranormal activities.

When people dismiss having these gifts, they are able to avoid suffering because their direct connection to the paranormal can cause them to feel confused.  They will have negativity and will feel that they are suffering.  People that feel this wonder if they are experiencing karma from a past life and if they are paying for their sins now.

Others that have experiences are not always able to understand these things by using their knowledge.  They will experience things that are materialistic and will feel that the things they are feeling are wrong because they are stigmatized and illusional.  They will feel that their spiritual experiences cannot be true because they are not making sense.

There is a new energy that is coming towards people in the past few years and they are being more sensitive to their psychic powers.  There are people that want to share their psychic abilities and their knowledge.

Everyone has a certain psychic gift, but not everyone uses them.  There are people that are mediums, psychics, healers and more and not everyone is able to use these gifts like the people on television, but they still have them.

There are traits that are seen that people that are psychic have and here are some of them:

Physically Sick

If you are physically sick, chances are that you are not protected in your spirit.  The energies that you have will affect your unconscious mind and will take away your idea of society.  You have spiritual pain that grows, and this can cause your body to not be well.

If you are having moments where you are stressed out and feeling lost, or if you are uncomfortable around other people, have major headaches or memory problems, or if you feel like shutting down to the world, chances are you are experiencing your psychic gifts.

This neglect happens in your life and when you are not able to communicate with others in an effect way, it can cause you to be unbalanced and depressed.

One way to get out of this is to use sage in your home.  This will help you to get rid of negative things in your life that are surrounding your spirit.  This can help you to be you again.

Imaginary Friend

If you have had an imaginary friend or you know a child that does, chances are you or that child are psychic.  Children believe in magic and even though we had this when we were young, we didn’t know what it meant, and people didn’t understand it.

People that are psychic are able to use their minds and the chemicals in our minds to make contact to the spiritual world.  This gift might disappear when the child gets in their preteen years and that is normal, but they will have the memory of their special friend for life.


If you find that you are overly sensitive, but you don’t know why then this means that your psychic abilities can be strong.

When we have strong intuition, it can help us to stay connected to the sensitivities of others and this can mean that you are connected with the spirit world more than you know.  This can change when you are around technology all the time and this can cause you to have even more or less sensitivity.

When you want to get rid of your stress then you need to take time in nature and attune to the world around you.  When there is a constant energy flow, this can cause you to have stress and aggravation.

Another way to protect yourself is to get rid of narcissist people in your life.  Get rid of sociopaths and psychopaths that are causing your spiritual vibrations to decrease. You have to get around these people and they are called energy vampires because they are always draining your energy.  You have to take time for yourself and limit your time with them.

Déjà vu

If you feel that you experience a place that you have been or an experience, chance is you are experiencing déjà vu.  This is an insight of what has happened to you and it can be from another lifetime.,

Knowing this can sometimes be surprising to you but being stunned is okay, then you will understand what is happening to you.

Third Eye

If you are experiencing psychic things, chances are that your chakras will respond.  There are seven chakras in your body and there can be growing pressure in your head when your chakras are being bombarded with things.  This means your psychic abilities such as your clairs are showing.  Clairs can be all seeing, all knowing, all hearing and all feeling where they come without using your five senses.

When you feel that you are overstimulated in your third eye, it can bring about pains, but you can solve these with home remedies and help to increase your goodness in your life.


If you have dreams that seem mystical then this is a symptom of being a psychic.  You might be linked with the dead and you might be connected to the universe.

If someone is around you that you have a strong bond with and then you dream about them, chances are the spirit world is telling you something is not right with them.

If you talk to them and find out, you may find that they have had something happen to them and your dream was a vision that you had to be able to warn them.

Connection with Nature

If you feel strongly connected with nature, then you will most likely have some psychic tendencies.  Being connected to nature can help to get rid of some of the stress and pain that you are feeling in your mind and body.

Being in nature can make you feel brand new because nature releases energies that will make you stronger and will balance your inner being.

Deep Connection

When you meet someone and you have an instant deep connection with them, chances are you have met them in your past life.  You may even be able to feel their feelings such as pain or sadness.

This is one thing that psychics deal with and it is called empathy.  Being an empath can be hard, especially in public places because you will pick up the emotions and energies of people all around you.  When you are an empathy this is hard because you will have mood swings because of all the energies that are coming to you.

Having different layers of emotions and information coming to you can cause you to become blocked and to be overwhelmed.  This will cause your senses to be overstimulated.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is another psychic sign.  When you are dreaming that you are out of your body, this can be called astral projection.  This is where your mind is allowing you to have outer body experiences and to travel to a different place.  You can give yourself strength that is non-human and you can create your own experiences in your dream.

If you are having these signs in your life, you have to find out if you have something going on.

You need to know where you stand in your psychic development and explore your symptoms to know that you can increase your abilities in life.  You can get rid of your negative emotions and learn to handle things like emotional vampires that bring you down.

Learn to discover yourself and figure out what you will do and how you will handle your sensitivities.  Get a grip on life and do not allow negativity to harmed you.