Improving Your Psychic Abilities to Better Your Life

Improving Your Psychic Abilities

When people have intuition, sometimes they ignore it, and they don’t even realize that they can have better spiritual abilities if they will learn to have things such as inner peace and meditation.  There are some spiritual advisors that have learned to test themselves and their abilities so they could be improved.

Testing Your Abilities

When you want to develop your abilities, you need to learn to test yourself and know what gifts you really have.


Do you have negative thoughts that cause you not to be able to have faith?  Do you have goals and inspirations, but you don’t feel like you can follow them?  There is no room to have doubt when you are dealing with spiritual abilities.


If you have an easy time relaxing, that is a good sign, but most people need to use meditation or deep breathing in order to be able to clear their mind and to relax.  Doing this can decrease the metabolic rate and help you not to feel so much tension.

Meditation is a temporary fix to increasing your mental abilities and to boost your energy.

Resolving Problems

People are not able to be in tune with their gifts unless they have no problems with others.  If there is unforgiveness, there needs to be forgiveness.  Learn to have constructive thoughts that are helpful and to get rid of anger and other problems.

Meditating is hard when you have a problem with someone that you know.

Personal Gain

Your gifts are meant to help others and if you are selfish then you can lose your skills.  Make sure that you are using your gifts to help others.  Being selfish or using the gift for personal gain can cause you to lose your power and to not have these abilities any longer.

Getting Over Fears

Psychics work hard to make sure that they get rid of negativity and that they get in touch with their spiritual signs.  They might see things that they don’t expect, and it is part of the experiences.  Learn to not be afraid even if your power seems scary.

Positive Energy

Make sure that you take care of yourself and that you get rid of stress and negative feelings.  It is important that you relax and focus on your spirituality.  Use your inner psychic abilities to be positive and kind.

Testing Your Abilities

You can test your abilities by using psychometry skills, expanding the use of your imagination and by trying telepathy.

Psychometry Skills

You can touch different objects to connect with the past.  Touch things that you see but never force things to be seen.  Have a clear connection.  If nothing happens, that is okay, try again at another time.


Try to look at things from a mental viewpoint.  Try to imagine what you will do in a day and what you will do while you are out.  Imagine what is going on around you and think about the people that you will see and the places and what they will look like.  Write all of that down.


You can communicate with other people through your mind.  Try to guess what people are thinking and what they are going to do.  Try to do this with cards by guessing what card will be next.  Take deep breaths and try to concentrate.  This gets better with practice.


Always remember that even if you try things and they don’t seem successful that practice makes perfect.  You have to take time to practice wherever you go.  Anything worth anything will take time and work.  Be patient and make sure that you are believing in yourself.  Use your psychic abilities the way that you deserve and don’t let them get taken away from you.


  1. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to nurture one’s spiritual abilities through practices like meditation and psychometry. For anyone interested in these topics, it’s quite informative and practical.

  2. Testing abilities like psychometry and telepathy sounds like an interesting experiment. I’d be curious to see if such practices yield any measurable results.

  3. I appreciate the emphasis on using spiritual gifts to help others. It’s a reminder that these abilities, if they exist, should be used for the greater good rather than personal gain.

  4. The concept of developing spiritual abilities through meditation and inner peace is quite intriguing. It makes sense that clearing the mind can aid in such development.

  5. Ah yes, because touching random objects to connect with the past is exactly what I need in my life. Next, I’ll be using my telepathic powers to order my coffee. Sarcasm aside, this is quite a stretch.

  6. Focusing on positive energy and reducing stress to boost spiritual abilities seems beneficial. A stress-free mind can certainly be more in tune with its surroundings.

    • I agree with Susan. Stress management is crucial in all aspects of life, and it makes sense that it would impact spiritual abilities as well.

    • Indeed. Positivity and a clear mind are essential for both spiritual and everyday endeavors. It’s a holistic approach to mental and spiritual well-being.

  7. The article’s suggestion on resolving personal conflicts to enhance spiritual abilities is noteworthy. It’s true that emotional baggage can obstruct mental clarity and growth.

  8. Fascinating read! The section on psychometry really stood out to me. I’ve always felt a connection to objects and now I have a name for it. Definitely going to try some of these techniques.

  9. It’s amusing to see how seriously people take these ‘psychic abilities’. I wonder if imagining my day will help me avoid traffic or if telepathy will finally get my dog to listen to commands!

  10. I find it hard to take this seriously. The idea that negativity alone can block spiritual abilities seems a bit far-fetched. Surely other factors play a role?

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