The Differences between Psychics and Mediums

Difference Between Psychics and Mediums

Everyone who is a psychic is not a medium, but all mediums are psychics.  There are people that can call themselves both a psychic and a medium but there is a difference between these gifts.

Some people have clairvoyance, and this means that they can “see” things without using their eyes.  They are able to gather information from their surroundings and to see the aura of other people.

The aura will give a psychic or medium information about what a person is experiencing including their emotions and their energies.  Just as we have memories, our aura is like a memory, but it is full of energy and what we have experienced in the past and what the future holds.

If you can see someone’s aura color, you will be able to tell if they are happy, sad, or what emotions they are experiencing at the time.  You will be able to tell what emotions they have had in the past and what will be happening in their relationships and in their life.  You will be able to tell if they have been around good places or places full of negativity.

Having this information about someone’s emotions and energy shows the past and present that they have went through and makes it possible for you to read their future.

Being an accurate psychic can be hard and you have to be open to the past and present information in order to be accurate about the future.  The behavior pattern will determine how something will go in life, but a person can change their thoughts and the way that they live, and this can change their future, because there is always free will.


A psychic can always sense energy.  Some are clairaudients which means they hear things in the supernatural, some are clairvoyants which means they see things in the supernatural, clairsentients which means they sense things in the supernatural and claircognizant which means they seem to know things.  This information that they get is from those around them and they can do an accurate reading because they read the spirit being inside of you.

Each person has some kind gifting, and they just might not be developed.  Everyone has a sense of intuitiveness and the stronger that the abilities are the more they are able to practice their gifts and help others.

Practicing the psychic gifts can be amazing and it can be tools that a person has that allows them to learn to help others by giving them advice and seeing them through different situations.


A medium receives information from spirits.  This is from a spiritual source that is between the person and a divine source.

Someone that is a medium has practiced getting their energy linked with the spirit world and they are able to guide people and to help support the one that has passed and they can pass information to those that are still living.

Mediums use their psychic gifts in order to interpret the information that they gather from the spirits.  This means that mediums have to have some psychic powers in order to be able to follow these gifts.  They have to have these powers to interpret the messages that they get.

All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are connected to the spirits, at least not with their conscious mind. If a medium uses clairaudient to get information from the spirits, they are transferring their heart into the spirit without using a physical person to do it.

Mediums are a way that information is transferred from their mind and spirit to a person or a spirit being. This depends on the connection that the medium has and the information that he or she is able to receive from the angels and spirit guides.

All psychics can learn to connect with the spirits and to get information from the spirits, they just have to practice these gifts and learn to focus from the physical world to the spiritual world.  The psychics and mediums have the same types of powers, they just focus on different areas.

Every person that is a medium or a psychic will be comfortable in whatever way they communicate the best.  They will use their abilities and their energies, and they will learn to be receptive to certain things.

Some people can know the future and the outcomes of relationships while others just receive information from spirits.  Each person is different and will have different psychic gifts than other people and they will focus their information differently. This means that they will perceive things differently.


Even though psychics and mediums are different, they all use the universe for the greater good.  Each person is a different being and they will do things differently, but they all share the same thing, the desire to have increased psychic gifts.


  1. It’s interesting to note the various types of psychic abilities mentioned, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Each offers a unique way to perceive and interpret energy.

  2. This article provides a profound understanding of the nuanced differences and interconnectedness between psychics and mediums. It is fascinating to learn how diverse these spiritual gifts are and how each person’s unique abilities manifest in distinct ways, contributing to the collective well-being of others. The explanation of different clairvoyant abilities and the role of auras in conveying emotional and energetic states was particularly enlightening. Truly, this piece adds valuable insight into the intricate tapestry of psychic phenomena.

  3. The conclusion effectively highlights that despite their differences, both psychics and mediums aim to use their abilities for the greater good. This shared goal of enhancing psychic gifts is a nice touch.

  4. The article underscores the importance of practice in developing psychic abilities. It suggests that everyone has some level of intuition that can be honed to help others.

  5. The article provides a clear distinction between psychics and mediums, emphasizing that while all mediums are psychics, not all psychics are mediums. This nuanced difference is crucial for understanding their respective abilities.

  6. The explanation about the aura being a memory of past and future experiences is quite fascinating. It adds a layer of depth to the understanding of how psychics and mediums read emotions and energy.

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