Knowing Who Your Spirit Guides Are

Knowing Who Your Spirit Guides Are

You can have happiness in your life, and you can follow the path that you choose and not be forced to follow the path others have chosen for you. Even if you choose to do this, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone.

Everyone has spirit guides, and your guides are there to help you and support you in all the things that you do. You will have many guides over your lifetime, and they have no agenda except to help you and to see you on your journey.

You need to learn to figure out who your guides are and to talk to them each day. You can learn to trust them and know that you will get your messages to your guides. You can ask them to help you with big things and small things.

Connecting with Your Guides

Here are some ways you can connect with your guides:

  • Know that your guides are around you and talk to them and ask them to help you when you need it.
  • When you ask for help, stop worrying about your problem and believe that your guides are listening and will help you.
  • Always be thankful for what your guides do for you and treat others with love and forgiveness.

Types of Guides

There are many different types of guides and here are some of them:

  • Great Spirit

This is a spirit that will come to you and help you with your energy. They will show up when you meditate, and you can talk to them.

  • Higher Self

This is the soul of a human and can happen in your physical body. This can happen over and over again in your lifetime and help to give you wisdom and help you to reach your higher self.

  • Angels

Angels come to give you messages and they are there to help you with your higher self and to make good choices in your life.

  • Ancestors

Your ancestors will come, and they are people in your life or your family that have died before you. They will come to help you and will show you signs in dreams and symbols.

  • Animals

Some animals will come to you, and they are known as totems or spirit animals. They are like your guides but in the form of an animal. Your animal will not be one animal, but it will be many different spirits in different animals, depending on what you need.

  • Blessings

Your guides are there to help you and they want to give you wisdom and to keep you safe. You can communicate with your guides and connect with them anytime you want to. Do not listen to the noises in your head but let your guides get closer to you and to connect to your soul.