Things You Likely Do Not Know About Your Guardian Angel

Things You Likely Do Not Know About Your Guardian Angel

If you are a Christian then you believe all of what the Bible says which includes that angels are real. Not only are the real, but they are watching over each of us at all times. We don’t seem to know these supernatural beings well, even though the Bible considers them commonplace. In fact, most of us do not really ever think about angels, but if you take time to research, there are some interesting things that come up. A few of these things are shared below.

  • Angels Get Dressed Up – Angels are pure spirit which means they are not walking around with wings, halos, or flying babies creating love. They do not have bodies, but can assume a human body if the need arises. This is a rarity, but it does happen.
  • Super Geniuses – Angels do not have minds like humans that use basic logic of pure instinct, they have all the knowledge in the universe that God has granted. They do not have to work things out, they simply know. This gives them plenty of time to contemplate all things.
  • They Laugh at Us – Angels are so smart that it is easy to make puns and find things humorous. We are likely a source of great amusement and though they are not doing so to be mean, they will laugh at us. To them, we are weird in the things we choose to do.
  • Snowflakes – Just as snowflakes, every angel is unique from the others. There is so much difference, that each could be considered its own species with a unique personality.
  • No Boredom – Angels are never bored because they have no concept of time. Humans not only offer entertainment, but they live eternally so there is no need for boredom because time does not pose limits.
  • They Love Us – Love follows knowledge and because angels are conscious and have free will, they want what is good for us. This is the definition of love. They want to see us in Heaven at some point, so they have pure motives.
  • Telepaths – Angels have no body to use to speak to us so they send us messages through their thoughts.
  • Constant Contact with God – Even though angels are constantly watching us, they are also constantly glorifying God and receiving the messages He has. They are supernatural beings who can operate on more than one plane at a time without ever leaving Heaven.
  • They Contain Their Operating Space – Angels do not hover above us, but surround us because they are spirits, not bodies.
  • Beyond Beauty – Angels are more like God than us so we cannot even imagine their beauty.
  • Respectful of Hospitality – In ancient Jewish tradition if an angel visited there should be some type of food around and offered. If one disappeared when they were gone, then you know an angel in human form visited.
  • No Gender – Gender is a biological concept that has nothing to do with spirit or personality. However, masculinity and femininity transcend biology. Some angels may be more masculine or feminine than the next, but they have no real gender. They are most likely referred to as masculine in the Bible because this was a more authoritative quality in those times.
  • More Likely to Appear to Women – Women are often more perceptive or intuitive and angels are more likely to appear or be noticed by them.
  • Fearsome – Angels are good and can only do good, but this may not always be evident when they appear. This is why they are often telling people not to be afraid when they first appear.
  • Inspiring – Angels try to inspire us to things that will point us toward Heaven. Whether it is a fruitful idea or sudden inspiration, it is from an angel.

Angels are real. They protect, guide, and guard us daily. Make sure to acknowledge and show gratitude to your angel often.