Love, Friendship, Soulmates Who is Your Soulmate?

Love, Friendship, Romance, and Soulmates

It’s easy to misunderstand soulmate relationships. Many people think about them wrongly because they’re complicated. They’re easier to understand when you realize that there actually are three different kinds of soul-mate relationships. Two of them are romantic, and one is not. Learning about these three different types and the purposes they serve in our lives will help us develop a more precise perspective on soul-mate relationships.

Temporary Romantic Partner

The first type of soulmate relationship is romantic, but the relationship is not intended to last forever. Though it will end, the relationship exists to convey important life lessons. These soulmates help you grow in and through these lessons, and their role is to ensure your intended lessons are learned. Temporary romantic soulmates are the most compelling teachers you’ll ever have in your life. The relationships often end in heartache, but that’s where the most important lessons are learned.

Love, affection, and an extended period of time don’t necessarily guarantee that a relationship will last. Love and affection may not be enough. Even if you are in love with somebody, and they’re in love with you, you may not be meant for each other. Your significant other should make you a better person, and they should complete you. They should never detract from who you are or make you feel like you’re less than whole.

Permanent Romantic Partner

The second kind of soulmate relationship is the permanent romantic partner. This relationship is meant to last forever. This kind of soulmate frees you to be your authentic self. When you’re with this person, they don’t lure your insecurities to the surface. In fact, they may actually help them disappear.

A permanent romantic soulmate will bring out the very best in you, never the worst. In such relationships, you and your partner are free to be your true selves, so when you’re together, you make each other comfortable and content. In a scenario like this, the math doesn’t quite make sense: one plus one does not equal two. It equals one.

A permanent romantic soulmate makes you a better person. They encourage you to be your authentic self, and they help you feel comfortable in a way that most people only ever experienced when they were young children. This soulmate gives you the space to be you and supports you so you can become your truest self.

With this type of soulmate, the old adage “timing is everything” is uniquely true. You will meet each other at the exact moment you’re both ready—not a second too soon or too late. Just when you want to give up and swear off dating because you’re fed up with all the games and you’re through with the heartbreak, you’ll actually be most open and ready for your permanent romantic soulmate to come into your life.

Platonic Friends

The third variety of soulmates are platonic friends. You always feel connected to them, and you can share your deepest, most personal emotions and thoughts. Note that there isn’t any romance involved in this type of relationship. Most people have this type of good friend. In fact, many of us are lucky enough to have multiple such friends throughout our lifetimes.

You may not see or speak to your platonic soulmates in weeks, months, or even years, but when you finally reconnect, you’ll pick up right where you left off. It feels as though neither of you has missed a beat.

It’s common to frequently see and connect very deeply with platonic soulmates for certain seasons in life, but then you grow apart, or one of you moves away or experiences a life event that distances you. But you’ll still remain close, lifelong friends even though you don’t see each other quite as often anymore.

All three types of soulmates have a permanent impact on our lives. Though the relationships may fade into our memories, the lessons we learn will last forever.


  1. Honestly, this is a rather reductionist take on relationships. Categorizing soulmates into rigid types doesn’t account for the complexity and fluidity of human connections. People and relationships can’t always be neatly boxed into predefined categories.

  2. The idea of temporary romantic partners teaching us valuable lessons resonates with me. It’s crucial to understand that not all romantic connections are meant to last forever but can still have significant impacts on our personal growth.

  3. The notion that ‘timing is everything’ in meeting your permanent romantic soulmate is quite fascinating. This concept, if true, could explain why some people find their life partners later in life when they’ve developed a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs.

  4. Oh, isn’t this charming! Just when you’re ready to swear off dating, your perfect soulmate magically appears. I suppose next you’ll be telling me that if I click my heels together three times, I’ll end up in Oz. How delightfully naive!

  5. Platonic soulmates being integral parts of our lives, despite not always being present, is a comforting thought. These relationships are often underrated but hold immense value in providing emotional support and continuity.

  6. This article provides an intriguing analysis of soulmate relationships. The categorization into temporary romantic, permanent romantic, and platonic is insightful and helps clear confusion around the topic. Understanding these distinctions can indeed foster healthier relationships and personal growth.

  7. The concept of permanent romantic partners as soulmates who bring out the best in us is heartening. The notion that timing plays a crucial role in meeting such partners adds an interesting dynamic to the traditional view of soulmates.

  8. The article’s categorization of soulmates into three distinct types simplifies the often-misunderstood concept of soulmate relationships. It emphasizes that each type, whether romantic or platonic, plays a crucial role in our personal development and emotional well-being.

  9. So, let me get this straight. We have soulmates designed to break our hearts, soulmates designed to piece us back together, and soulmates who hang around platonically for the sheer fun of it. How refreshingly organized! If only real life were this tidy.

  10. The distinctions between the types of soulmate relationships provide a clearer understanding of their roles in our lives. It is interesting to see how each type serves a different purpose, whether it be for growth, lifelong companionship, or deep, platonic connection.

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