Being a Medium and How to Know If You Are One

Being a Psychic Medium

Many people are skeptical about contacting people who have passed on but there are so many stories of encounters that there might be some truth behind it.  When you ask what it is like to be a medium, people might say that it can be fun and charming and that not all mediums are the same.  Some mediums hate to be called a medium because a medium is someone that is communicating with souls after someone has died and this can cause people to look at them differently.

A medium is not viewed as normal, and many people do not know that when the spirit leaves the body, it will live forever, and mediums are taught that they can contact them.

When asked what it is like to talk to the dead, many mediums believe that this is a special gift from the universe.  They work to make a space for the spirits to be able to talk to them and to be able to interpret what they are saying.

There has to be love and healing and a medium will give the spirit a voice.  Even though some have never experienced anything scary, some have.  Some mediums have experienced evil spirits but mostly spirits that just need something or need someone to help.

When a medium wants to interact, they will feel the energies of the spirits around them.  These emotions can be intense and there can be people who will be scared and upset when they hear from their dead loved one even if this is what they want.

Sometimes a medium will have a hard time determining who they are talking to but they will get signs from the spirit and the spirit will help them to make themselves known.

There are many people that are skeptics and that don’t really believe that you can talk to the dead.  It is not the job of a medium to change the mind of the people.  Mediums do not have to look rational to the outside world, they just need to do their job.

There are many fake mediums out there and this is why there are so many skeptics.  These types of mediums want to look out for themselves only, and they are all about making money and that is about it.

Becoming a Medium

Many people know they will be a medium even when they are young, and other people will fight their gifts and will wait for their gifts to get stronger before they accept them.  When you start your journey things can open up and you might find that you have strong giftings.  When you are a child and you are not sure what you should do, it can make you impassive and make you not sure what path to go down and this is why many people wait later in life to embrace their mediumship gifting.

Being a medium can make you a better person and if you have a strong gift, you can communicate with souls.  You must believe and work towards increasing your knowledge and listening to your spiritual guides.


Not everyone is sure what they want to do, and some people have the gift of talking to spirits in the spirit world.  If you have this gift, you might be meant to be a medium.  A medium can talk to the spirits of dead people and can help to bring peace and love to the families and friends of people that have died.  Bringing peace to them can be a gift that is magical.


  1. The article highlights the complexities and nuances of being a medium. It’s fascinating to consider the emotional and psychological aspects that mediums encounter in their work.

  2. The article provides a balanced view on the challenges and rewards of being a medium. It’s an area that warrants more research and understanding, especially in terms of the psychological impact on mediums.

  3. The notion that some people are aware of their mediumistic abilities from a young age is quite compelling. It suggests that these abilities might have a developmental aspect.

    • That’s a good point. It would be interesting to study how these abilities manifest and develop over a person’s lifetime.

    • Yes, and it also opens up questions about the genetic or environmental factors that might contribute to someone becoming a medium.

  4. It is interesting to note how societal perceptions and skepticism affect mediums. The distinction between genuine mediums and frauds is crucial for understanding public mistrust.

  5. The point about mediums needing to interpret messages from spirits is intriguing. It raises questions about the reliability and subjective nature of these communications.

    • I agree. It would be useful to explore the training and experiences that contribute to a medium’s ability to effectively communicate with spirits.

    • Indeed, it would be fascinating to understand more about the methods and practices mediums use to discern and convey these messages accurately.

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