Lucky Numbers Found Across the World

Lucky Numbers Found Across the World

Cultures all around the world use lucky numbers to help them to reach goals. How do these numbers help people to get lucky? There are different countries all over the world that use lucky numbers and if you want to find out more about lucky numbers around the world, read more!


Odd numbers in Thailand are ones that have more adventure than even numbers. Nine is considered the luckiest number of them all and when someone is married in Thailand, there are nine monks that bring the blessings to both families.


In China, eight is the number that means success. This number is considered lucky and so when a Chinese celebration happens, it will happen on the eighth month of the year, the eighth day and at 8:08.


In the United States of America, people see seven’s as spiritual because of stories in the Bible. Also, there are seven wonders of the world which makes the number even luckier!


In India, numbers 1-9 will help to tell the personality of someone. Six is considered the luckiest of all numbers. People that have the number 6 as part of their birth number seem to be people that are positive and strong. These are also people that help other people.


Five is the luckiest number in Japan because it means power and influence. This number plays a huge role in their society such as in Haiku poems that have five syllables and the fact that Buddhist worship the five elements and senses.


Australian’s see the number four as the luckiest number. This is a number that brings luck and good health. This number is a number that Australian’s will pick if they can choose their address or phone number.


The number three is one of the luckiest numbers to the Swedish culture. This number is thought to bring goodness and hope to the life of the people. This is important because the triangle has three sides and is considered one of the most fortunate forms.

Final Thoughts

Lucky numbers are looked at all over the world. People in different cultures see different numbers as lucky and each culture is different in what they believe in.