Use Oracle Cards to Boost Intuition

Oracle Cards to Boost Intuition

Even if you are a tarot card reader you don’t necessarily have to spend years and years memorizing and learning all of the different interpretations but even if you do or don’t, reading the cards isn’t always an easy feat. The messages that tarot cards give require so much interpretation that they can be tricky. The cards might have you wondering about other things and making you more confused about your life than when you started. If you want to learn an easier way to read cards, using oracle cards might be the answer for you.

Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards, but they are more based on what your intuition is telling you instead of some kind of solid meaning. It is best for someone that wants to do cartomancy to start with oracle cards and then to move to other cards like tarot cards.

What is Different Between Oracle and Tarot Cards?

Both oracle and tarot cards are different in some ways. Oracle cards have their own symbols, and they say what they mean right on the card and so it takes the interpretation stress away. The cards are not based on a specific amount of cards and the card structure is different.

With tarot cards, there are 78 cards that include 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards that are made up of suits. Each of these cards have its own symbols and their own messages and it is up to the reader to interpret the card based on the situation at hand.

Oracle cards are only structured out by what kind of deck the creator of the card decided on. They can choose how many cards they want to put in their deck and so when you choose a deck, most will choose based on a certain theme that they like or because they are drawn to the images on the deck. This makes it easier for them to connect with the cards. Since the meaning is written directly on the card, you can focus more on what the cards are saying to your intuition rather than trying to figure out what they mean.

Choosing Oracle or Tarot Card Readings

It depends on what you are trying to find out as to which kind of reading that you will choose. The best thing is to find out what you want to know and see what the situation is. If you want to be super specific about something, getting an oracle card reading might help because the cards are much more direct to give an answer. On the other hand, if you want to know about your behavior or why your emotions are affecting your life, tarot cards can help with this. You can try asking a question and drawing one oracle card and then drawing one tarot card and see which one feels more guided for you.

Why Use Oracle Cards

Even though it seems like the article is saying that oracle cards are simple, the truth is that they are easy to use but they give great insight. Just because something is easier doesn’t mean that it should be dismissed.

The great thing about the oracle cards is that you are able to tap into your intuition and this can help you to learn to trust yourself and can give you guidance to the answers that you seek. This can help you to grow and help you to benefit from the reading. You can do this by reading yourself or talk to a psychic.

Oracle cards will support you in your spiritual journey by boosting your emotions and helping you to have a deeper intuitive knowing that you can sometimes forget that you need.

These cards are also great if you need to look deeply at your own life and find out what changes you need to make to be better at what you are doing or in the path you have chosen.

Picking the Best Oracle Deck

Most people say that you should pick a deck that you feel good about and one that gets your attention. Go to a metaphysical shop if you can and look at the decks. See which ones you feel drawn to, or which ones seem to be calling you. You can choose as many oracle decks as you want but you need to make sure that you have some connection with each one before you use them for a reading.

If you choose to pick your oracle card deck online, meditate first and concentrate on which deck is calling out to you.

Using Oracle Cards, the Right Way

Here are some ways that you can use your oracle cards and boost your intuition:

  • Keep your cards in a place that is safe and secure. These cards are there to help you with your intuition and you need to have respect for them.
  • Don’t let the cards close you closed off. Overthinking what the cards are telling you can cause you to be closed minded. Make sure that you are keeping your heart and your mind open when you are getting a reading. Let intuition guide you and learn to trust yourself, the spiritual world, and the cards to give you answers.
  • Choose how you want to read the cards and do it as a ritual. Take a few minutes each day so that you can pull a card and let it resonate with you. Do this before you start your day or before you go to bed at night. You can always create your own ritual and you can choose to pick a card each week so that you can get better at reading the cards.
  • Make sure that your questions are specific and clear. The more answers that you focus on your question is the more answers that you will get. Ask questions about your relationships, your energy or what you need to put your attention to. Let the cards guide you.
  • Don’t pull too many cards at once. Sometimes there will be too much information that the cards want to share and if you pull too many cards it can get overwhelming. The best thing to do is to pull one card and then focus intently on what the card is trying to tell you. If you pull too many cards at once you might get confusing answers. Use your intuition to know how many cards you should pull and when. You will need to use your intuition to help you to get your answer and to know when to stop pulling the cards.
  • Choose an oracle card spread. You can always choose to do an oracle card spread and this means that you pull five cards. This is when you focus on your question, and you let the cards answer it. The first card will tell you the answer to the question, the second card is what action you need to take, the third card tells you something you don’t know, the fourth card will tell you what someone else is bringing into the situation and the fifth card is what the end of the situation will be.

Using Oracle Cards to Boost Intuition

When you want to boost your intuition, oracle cards can help. Here are some ways to use your oracle card deck to boost your intuition.

  • Mix Your Energy with the Cards Energy

Make sure that you are keeping a good relationship with the cards, and you can do this by putting all of your energy into the card. Carry your deck around with you, touch the cards, hold them, meditate with them. As you do this, the oracle cards can connect with your energy. Some people even sleep with them under their pillow.

  • Be Clear

Make sure that you set your intentions and you are clear on what you want and what you need. Be specific if you want to get guidance and make sure that you ask a question based on what you need.

  • Shuffle the Cards

Shuffling the cards can help you to clear your mind and heart before you do the reading. Shuffle the cards and never skip doing this. This allows you to draw different cards and not to choose the same card over and over again. This also will help you to connect with the cards better.

Don’t stop shuffling until you feel that you should stop. This might take 5, 10 or even 20 shuffles. That is up to your intuition. You can then cut the deck into three piles and then stack them into one pile to really mix them up and to merge your energies with the cards.

There is no right or wrong way to shuffle the cards though and this should be done in regards to whatever your intuition is telling you. Try different methods and find which one feels best for you.

  • Do a Spread

Spread the cards out and then put your hand over them. Don’t touch the cards but hold your hand a couple inches above them and see if you feel energy coming out of the cards. You can do this with one card or with many cards depending on what kind of spread you are going to do. Some oracle decks have a book on different spreads, and you can try those or if you want to keep it easy, use just one card for your draw.

  • Focus on the Cards

Focus on the cards and then look at them. Take time to let your intuition guide you. Notice anything that stands out when you focus on the cards, certain images, certain words or even what the cards make you feel.

Each time that you do a pull focus on the cards and see if you notice anything different. You are trying to boost your intuition and you are trying to pull your energies together with the cards and the best way that you can do this is to focus on your deck intently as you get answers.

  • Let the Book Guide you

Even though you might be one that doesn’t want to use the guide book, it will have some valuable information that might help you. Read the book and let it guide you and see what kind of messages you get from reading the guide book.

  • Know the Message

After you do all the things above, notice what the main message was from the cards. The cards can help you to answer questions and once you get your answer the best thing that you can do is to make sure that you journal your thoughts and you meditate on what just happened. This is one way that you can get the guidance you need and boost your intuition at the same time.

FAQ’s About Oracle Cards

Here are some facts about using oracle cards:

  • How Often Should You Use Your Cards?

It is important that you use your cards as often as you feel led to them. This could be a daily pull, a weekly pull or even a monthly pull. Or you might be someone that just wants to use the cards here or there.

  • Asking Questions

Make sure that you aren’t asking the same questions over and over again. You need to ask your questions and then let the cards answer you. Don’t keep asking the same questions because you aren’t getting the answers that you want.

Shuffling the Cards the First Time

It is up to you to decide if you are going to shuffle the cards for the first time, but most suggest that you do this so that you can give the cards your energy and you can connect with them. Some will separate the cards so that they can be shuffled well, and others will not. It is whatever makes you feel connected to them.

Getting Rid of Oracle Cards

If you have a deck of oracle cards that you aren’t connecting with, you might need to get rid of them. You should never be disrespectful to the cards and if you are getting rid of them the best thing that you can do is to give them to someone that you know. Make sure that you use a selenite wand over the cards to release your energy from them before you give them to someone else.