Tools for Empaths and Lightworkers to Be Strong

Tools for Empaths

Many lightworkers are also empaths. An empath is someone defined as a person who can experience and feel the energies or emotions of others. Some know this as clairsentience or Clairempathy. This goes beyond knowing how someone is feeling but when you feel it as your own emotion.

Blessing or Curse?

Unfortunately, for many empaths, this blessing feels like a curse. This is especially true for those who realize the gift early on. Empaths feel deeply for those they are connected to, but these connections are strongest with a twin flame.

However, the feelings absorbed can belong to anyone, whether they are in the same room or a world apart. The tools below help empaths and others to handle the overwhelming emotions that the world brings.

Energy Shielding

Energy shielding is vital for all empaths, but it is temporary. It does not shield you from all energies but will protect you from energy vampires and keep you from projecting onto others or soaking up their energy. The best part is that it is a simple cure for this kind of situation.

Shielding should be done before coming into contact with the person you wish to shield from like before entering a busy place or crowd. However, shielding can be done in the moment with practice.

Start by calling upon a powerful energy and imagine a bright light bubble around you. Ask your powers to charge the shield and protect you from energies that are not helpful. The shield can be the size necessary for the situation and it will both protect and cleanse your energy. The light bubble will last up to 24 hours, but less if you are in a reactive state.


Grounding is powerful. Grounding channels the energies of the earth to allow for the release of dense energies.

The benefits of grounding include, but are not limited to

  • A healed root chakra
  • Feeling centered
  • Being balanced
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved circulation.

Some of the more popular forms of grounding include walking barefoot outdoors, petting animals, cold showers, gardening, or root chakra-based meditation and yoga.

Energetic Pillar

Using an energetic pillar can help you connect to your divinity and the earth. This pillar allows the energies from the earth and sky to fully connect to your power. This is powerful as a technique that can be done 1-3 times daily, as you feel necessary.

It is best to do this mindfully and slowly, but in an emergency, it can be rushed. This will not block the energies of others but will help you separate them from your own feelings as needed. It is both grounding and connects you to light and love.

To do this, breathe into your heart space while feeling the spark of flame. Allow the flame to expand in a big circle around you. Now, breathe down into your solar plexus and feel the energy expand creating a pillar around the body. Continue breathing into the heart and solar plexus. Breathe down from the heart into the sacral while feeling the pillar grow and solidify. Continue this through each chakra as the pillar grows and strengthens. This can be done quickly or slowly as you feel guided in your time.


Discernment for an empath is being able to recognize where an energy is coming from and who it belongs to before taking action. Learn to use discernment using the steps below.

  • Pause
  • Recognize what you are feeling
  • Understand why you feel it
  • Decide if it is your emotion
  • If it is yours, take the steps to handle it
  • Process the emotion

Processing Emotions

No matter what techniques you use, you must also process these emotions. An empath who does not take time to process can end up exploding, figuratively speaking. This can cause random emotional outbursts. There are ways to deal with this and a few are shared below.

  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Singing
  • Screaming into a pillow
  • Crying
  • Laughing

Energy Shifting

Tools can also be used to shift energy once the energetic and emotional work is done. Process before trying energy shifting, then utilize the tools shared below.

  • Crystals – Simply holding a crystal is beneficial for energy shifting. Try black tourmaline, amethyst, or rose quartz.
  • Incense – Light incense or use sage bundles to cleanse and shift energy.
  • Music – High vibrational music will shift your energy quickly.
  • Energy Healing – Energy healing in the form of guided meditation, a reading from a high vibrational reader, or a trusted healer can be wonderfully beneficial.

Make sure that you are keeping yourself strong, especially as an empath or a lightworker. By staying strong, you can help others which is your life purpose.