Reincarnation and the Transfer of Energy

Reincarnation and the Transfer of Energy

In the modern era in which technology is the norm, few rarely think about the past. However, the past is important, especially our past lives that could have been in another century, another country, or a complete other culture.

If you have ever had a recurring dream about another time and place or seem to have déjà vu more than most, then you have likely led a past life that is begging to be explored.

Reincarnation is Energy Transfer

Energy is never ending, never destroyed, or added, simply moving. If reincarnation is thought of as energy that moves through one being and into another then it can be easily understood. However, this raises the question of whether we incarnate based on deeds, good or bad, or in some cyclic sequence.

There are many religions that discuss and believe in reincarnation, though it is more common outside of the western nations. Many believe it was purposely removed from the Bible to make people think they had only a single chance to accept God and end up in Heaven.

Still, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the majority of Aboriginal and Native theologies still believe in the concept. In the Arctic, the Inuit believe both animals and humans reincarnate. These groups believe every newborn is the reincarnation of a community member who is returning home.

This may lead to further questions, like can we reincarnate as other creatures, not just humans? Some believe that when we are bad people, we come back as animals. While others believe you reincarnate within the same family again and again. If either of these is true, we may wonder if there is a limited number of times for reincarnation. This seems unlikely since it is said Buddha came back 504 times.

Reincarnation and Soulmates

Those who are critics of reincarnation site population growth as proof of nonexistence. No one can explain the new souls if people are simply reincarnated. One explanation could be that our souls possibly split, and we become two people instead of just one. The soul could also split into many pieces, reincarnating in multiples. These would be the people we seek out in life to try to help us feel whole.

If we are living simultaneously with our souls spread into many others, then spending time in each life looking for these people would make sense. Our current mothers could have been brothers or partners in past lives. This could also explain soul mates and twin flames as we are seeking a large portion of our soul to connect with in this life. When we find and merge with this big piece of our soul, then we feel whole. We have to make up our own minds as to what we believe.

Questions to Determine Past Life

If reincarnation is real, then the following questions may help us find proof:

  • Do you recall memories of childhood, but from another time?
  • Do you have recurring dreams about another life or time?
  • Do you connect strongly with a culture other than your own?
  • Do you have unexplained phobias and fears?
  • Do you have déjà vu more than once every week?
  • Can you identify someone immediately as loving or with a hidden agenda?
  • Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you have always known them?

If you can answer these questions positively, then chances are that you have lived another life. Reach out to an advisor for further answers and insights. Past life readings can reveal a great deal about who or what you were in the past.