Physical Symptoms of Negative Energy

Physical Symptoms of Negative Energy

Different things in your life can cause you to have physical health problems.  If you are stressed and if you don’t get enough water, both of these things can cause you to feel bad.  Even exercising too much or having bad relationships can affect your mind and body.

People can see negative energy through symptoms because your body is connected to your mind and the energy that you have.

Negative energy is all around us and it can be in buildings, from people, in your car, homes, wherever you are.  If you are sensitive to these energies then you will feel them, sometimes it will feel like your energy is drained or that you are feeling sickly.

You can clear this negative energy by not running away from it but by learning to tolerate these feelings and working through them.  Remove these negative energies by trying to block them but in some cases, blocking is not an option.  You can practice taking hits and working to stop the negative energy from becoming part of your life.  You can try to stop the physical symptoms along the way but here are some signs that you are feeling the negative energies no matter what you are doing.


If you have headaches, it can be caused by different things such as lack of sleep or not eating but if you experience them for no reason, chances are it can be negative energy has caused the headache.


If you feel negative in your body such as tension or anger, you can try to clear this by using sea salt and water and taking a warm shower.  Talk to yourself and tell the negative energies to wash away and let positive energies take over.

Stomach Ache

If you have a stomachache, chances are you are stressed about something.  This can tell you more than that you haven’t eaten, and it can be a real sign of negative energy.  This is considered a mild sign.


If you feel yourself scrunch up and you aren’t sure why, chances are that your body is fighting off negative energy that has come your way.  Be keen to what your body is telling you.


If you feel that you have little or no energy, your body can be tired and worn down.  This can be a sign that you are experience negative energy.  This can leave you feeling tired, upset, achy and more.  You have to confront what is causing you to have the negative energy and get rid of it.

Hard Breathing

If you are having a hard time breathing, then chances are that you have grief or are upset deeply about something.  This can be negative emotions in your lungs.  This can make it hard for you to breathe because you become overly emotional, and you have to center your body so that you can handle this emotion.


Negative energy can show itself as pain.  This energy can cause you to have tense muscles and muscle aches.  You have to figure out the issues that are causing this negative energy and try to stop it.

Negative energy can cause you to be depressed and this causes you to have a hard time being positive.  You have a hard time shaking this and this can become very deep inside.  Address the different things that you are experiencing and see why you are experiencing these emotions.

Feeling Off

If you feel like you are off, but you aren’t sure why, this can be because you are missing the small things that have been building over time.  If you aren’t sure why you are feeling a certain way, look at what has happened to you lately that is causing you to feel differently and address it.


When you are dealing with emotions that are negative or negative energies, it can cause you to be upset and tired.  This can be caused by emotional vampires that come and suck out your energy.  Try to pay attention to what you are feeling and clear out any negative people in your life so that you can replace this energy with something positive.