Past Lives Readings with PsychicOz

Past Lives Readings with PsychicOz

What is a past life?

Everyone has had the experience of meeting somebody for the first time, but still feeling a sense of immediate familiarity, an instant recognition as if we somehow already know this person very well. When we experience this, it’s likely that we’re connected to them far more deeply than this current lifetime could possibly allow.

The concept of past lives is rooted in the belief that peoples’ souls are incarnated into a new form after each experience of physical death. This means that people are not “blank slates” when they’re born, because they’re really being reborn.

Each time that we are born again, we carry along soul agreements, traumatic memories and positive and negative karma from all of our previous incarnations. Each of those lives were chosen by our higher self in an attempt to learn specific lessons that will help our souls evolve further during the current incarnation.

Past lives can affect our current lives through destructive habits and patterns, emotional blocks, unexplained phobias, and the experience of déjà vu – that strong feeling that what’s happening now has already happened before.

Getting a past life reading or past life regression readings from a PsychicOz psychic could help you understand your soul’s prior incarnations, and how those past lives may be currently affecting you.

These readings could help you resolve the tangled emotions, peculiar desires and incomprehensible fears that you’re trying to conquer in this lifetime. This triumph will help evolve into your fullest potential.

Why Get a Past Lives Psychic Reading?

If you suffer from destructive habits and patterns in your current incarnation despite genuine attempts to resolve them, it’s certainly possible that a past life psychic could help you discover what may be causing them.

The psychic can help you delve into your subconscious and coax messages and information to the forefront. The information uncovered in such a reading will serve as the basis for your healing. Bringing the root issue to light will motivate your consciousness to neutralize the unresolved issues you may be experiencing from your past lives.

Here are some examples of what a PsychicOz past lives reading could help you address:

  • Phobias, fears, and addictions related to past life experiences.
  • Reasons you attract destructive partners or remain in unhealthy relationships.
  • Uncovering connections between people in your current incarnation and your past lives.

What to Expect from a Past Life Psychic Reading

Past life readings are not the same as past life regressions. In a past life regression, the psychic hypnotizes the client and guides them into their subconscious memories of their past lives. In a past life regression, the psychic acts more like a facilitator, while the client connects with their subconscious mind and discovers forgotten memories and repressed issues.

The process resembles regression therapy, but past life regression acknowledges that the roots of a person’s destructive patterns and behaviors may lie before their current incarnation. This is why a past life regression may be effective for certain clients. Healing may occur in a single regression, or throughout a series of contacts with a past life psychic reader depending on the complexity of the issues that are being addressed.

During a past life reading, a psychic clairvoyant or medium will tune in to a client’s energy field and search their history, relaying any messages or information they discover. In sessions like this, the past life psychics are doing all of the work for the client, relating the information they discovered. Many clients prefer past life readings over past life regressions, especially when they’re just becoming familiar with past lives for the first time. Also, some people cannot successfully be hypnotized which can cut the session short.

Preparing for a Past Life Psychic Reading

PsychicOz past life clairvoyants and psychic mediums can tune in to your personal energy field, which allows them to search your history. They can then relay to you any messages or information that they may discover there.

As with any other type of psychic reading, you should take some time to prepare before placing your call. Spend several minutes in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Take time to breathe in a controlled and deep manner. Focus on minimizing any fear, excitement, or anxiety you may be feeling. This will help you find your center and balance your energy, so the psychic can more easily tune in and form a stronger connection with you.