Energy from a Distance

Energy from a Distance

Feeling someone’s energy form a distance is a way to see that your soul is sensitive to those around you.  When you do your daily life, you might feel a sudden feeling of happiness or sadness.  These emotions are not just yours, but you are picking them up from someone around you.

Empathy and Clairsentience

Clairsentience is feeling something clearly.  Empathy is feeling the emotions of someone else.  These feelings are when you feel what people around you are feeling but you are more sensitive to thee feelings than others.

These feelings are like our sense, but we have abilities to see things without using these senses and we have better ways of hearing like through our minds.

The problem with this is that when people do not know they have this gift, they do not understand their feelings.


Telosomatic is when someone is distant from their own body and they are able to heal others by putting positive vibes in someone else’s life.  If a dad has a feeling that something is going to happen to his child, he will respond and save the child.

When we feel energy of someone else, the distance is present and there is a bond that is there.  This can be a strong bond and you can feel strongly for the other person.

The relationship between a mom and her kid or a father and his son are similar relationships like this.  But, some people can even sense emotions from people like co-workers or people walking by them.

What Happens?

When there is energy that you are sensing, it isn’t always good.  It can be a feeling of sadness or sickness.  Whenever you have a mood swing, think about if it is something in your life or if you are picking up someone else’s feelings.

Try to analyze what is going on and then see if the energy is from someone you know or if it is someone that is passing by.  You can learn to understand where the source is.  When you love someone, you will act immediately if they are in some kind of danger and can save their life.

When you connect with someone, you can send them good vibes or energy so that they can be healed.  It is important not to suffer when you feel someone’s emotions and you have to be strong to fight the negative energy.