Ways to Remember Your Past Lives

Ways to Remember Your Past Lives

You’ve experienced it. You see a picture of a place and it looks oddly familiar. Some may have a dream about a different place and time. Others suddenly can speak a language of which they have no familiarity.

Many of these experiences are attributed to past lives. There are those who believe that, at times, people can remember a past life with vivid detail. For those who have this type of experience, they believe it was as real as their lives are real now.

Jenny Cockell is one of those people. Her experiences of remembering what she believes is a past life began when she was a child.  Jenny began remembering details as an Irish mother of eight. Her past life included her life in Ireland and left her feeling guilty about leaving her children in death. She became obsessed about finding her past family.

Past Lives and Lost Memories

Although there are people who believe everyone has at least one past life, there have always been discussions about why more people don’t remember them. The common theory is that we are born with no memories so the decisions in this life aren’t filtered through feelings and experiences of past lives.

People like Jenny remember their past lives because of the intense emotional feelings involved in their deaths, according to experts on the subject. With her, the guilt and concern about leaving eight children behind prompted the memories. Others have memories because of strong emotional ties to those they loved in a past life or because of the trauma involved in death.

Death Trauma and Phobias

Death trauma is one of the reasons for our fears and phobias in this life, according to those who deal with the subject. It is still debatable where remembering a past life is wise, considering there could be a lot of pain and fear involved. However, those who want to remember who they were do have options to do so.

There are four ways you can delve into your past experiences to remember who you were:

  • Mediate. Meditation is incredibly helpful to those seeking answers. You may need to do this regularly to achieve solid results. After all, meditation doesn’t come naturally and only those who practice it regularly find good results. The challenge with meditation is trusting what you are told in your quiet space. Many people assume it is their imagination speaking. However, you can trust the information if you are truly in a meditative state because your imagination is resting.
  • Going through hypnosis. This is a really intense experience that takes you to a totally different wavelength mentally. By going deep into your subconscious, you can find the memories stored within your brain to gain details to past lives. The one challenge with hypnosis is finding someone who is both qualified and safe to conduct it. Hypnosis puts you in a highly vulnerable state, so you need to be absolutely certain the person conducting it is professional and skilled in the practice.
  • Accessing the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is a collection of all events that have ever happened. That includes all emotions, intent, words, and actions in the past, present, or even in the future. The information, according to those who believe it, is in a spiritual plane that can be accessible to humans who know how to get into it.

Since the Akashic Records contain all knowledge of all events ever done, it would have evidence and details of any past life. It would show your past life and any contract or relationship you had with those near you. Learning how to access this knowledge would certainly provide crucial details to those seeking them.

  • Go to a psychic for a past life reading. Some psychics, not all but some, are skilled at accessing clients’ past lives. Once you hear the information, you will find it will resonate. However, it can’t be verified directly, so you have to rely on faith to believe it. Most psychics say their guides do bring some type of confirmation of details to validate claims.

Past and Future Lives

Jenny said remembering this life is important to her if she comes back in a future life, so she is making plans on ways to help her remember. Some may feel that isn’t wise, given the knowledge could bring pain or challenges to a future life. She also talks about accessing future lives, but some question the possibility because humans have free will and the future hasn’t happened yet. Some question whether people should want to access future lives because the knowledge could be hard to handle emotionally.

Final Thoughts

For those who want the knowledge of their past lives, they may find it helpful to figure out how those lives are subconsciously affecting the lives they have now.


  1. The methods like meditation and hypnosis for accessing past lives seem to suggest that these experiences are deeply rooted in our subconscious. It’s a thought-provoking area worth exploring further.

  2. Jenny Cockell’s experiences are compelling and raise questions about the nature of memory and consciousness. I wonder if psychological aspects could also explain such vivid past life memories.

  3. The article raises crucial points about the emotional impact of past life memories. It’s essential to consider the psychological well-being of individuals exploring such memories and whether the pursuit of this knowledge could potentially cause more harm than good.

  4. The concepts of past lives and the methods described for accessing them are fascinating. There is always a debate around their scientific validity, but they undeniably offer profound reflections on human consciousness and memory.

  5. The mention of Akashic Records is intriguing. While the idea of a spiritual plane storing all events is debatable, it opens up interesting discussions on metaphysics and the collective unconscious.

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