Questions to Ask a Medium

Questions to Ask a Medium

There are many spiritual guides, but few are as misunderstood as the medium. A medium is someone who can use their gift to communicate with the deceased. This is a person who creates a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds. Every medium works in their own way to correspond, but they will not use tools like tarot or astrology to do so. Instead, their focus is mental images and intuition or possibly audible messages as communication between the worlds is used. Mediums are the only ones with this gift as psychics rely on logic, not the gift.

People normally go see a medium when they are grieving a deceased loved one, person or pet. For some this allows a chance to say goodbye or receive some closure, though some may be seeking answers to questions that remained unanswered at death. Regardless of the reason, you should be prepared prior to seeing a medium, especially the first time. This starts with having a list of questions ready to ask. Be prepared to possibly not like the answers given as the message is relayed as it is given.

You should prepare not only questions, but yourself mentally. Research the family so you have a basic understanding of who or what may appear. Be open minded as you could hear from anyone. Below are some questions to consider or ask when you schedule with a medium.

  • What can I do to develop medium abilities?
  • What does my ______ wish for me and is there a way to make it happen?
  • Can you name my guiding spirits?
  • What messages do my ___________ have specifically for me?
  • What are the signs of being a medium?
  • Does ______ have a way I can gain closure about ________?
  • Before their death, I never got to ask ___________ (whatever), how do they answer the question now?
  • Does ___________ have any concerns or guidance in the life choices I am making?
  • Is there any general advice _________ has for me?
  • Is __________ still angry with me?
  • Does _________ have anything special to share?
  • I want to apologize to ___________, is there any response?
  • How can I best move on with my life?
  • What signs can I look for to know _______ is still with me?