Questions to Ask Your Spiritual Medium

Questions to Ask Your Spiritual Medium

If you are seeking to find a medium because you want to talk to someone that has passed away, the communication will be better if you are more prepared.

A medium does not work by being a channel for the information, they are just sensitive to the energies around them and can help you to be guided to what is going on in your life and around you.

It takes time and skill for your medium to get messages from your spirit guides and you can help by being open and by being prepared.

You can sit back and let the medium do their work and let them ask you certain questions but make sure that you have a plan in mind.

There are topics that will be covered, and people do sometimes look for answers in relationships and work and finances.

Sometimes a medium will have high intuitive skills, but it doesn’t mean they can read your mind.  You need to be specific what you ask because there are things that can bring about a lot of information and questions.

Make sure you ask questions that are specific for your life.  Whatever the subject is, make notes about what you want to ask.  Ask the questions directly so you can get better advice.

Ask specifically like if you should be in a relationship or if you have a particular match that is best for you.  Don’t ask only yes or no questions, instead ask questions like “how will I get better in my job?”  This is the way you can get more information.

It isn’t always straightforward questions, and this can lead to disappointment in a reading.

When a medium works, they take the questions to the spirit guides and they take messages from other spirit guides that want to come forward.

A good rule is to be prepared and ask specific questions and open ended questions about your life.