Reading a Crystal Ball

Reading a Crystal Ball

If you want to learn to read a crystal ball, you can follow these steps and learn to read the crystal ball fast.

Start by thinking about the crystal ball being full of rainbow colors.

Then, think about how the colors of the ball turning into a mist and then open your eyes and look at the center of the ball and when you get a clearer image, turn the ball around in your hand and look at it again.

Sometimes, the image will have good details and sometimes it won’t.  When you see goo details, this can be very exciting, and this is a stage you want to reach.

When you are confident, focus on the image and see what words you think in your life.  Record your session and write down anything that is weird or anything you can’t explain.

If you don’t see anything, it might be because you are not connected with physical senses.  Look at the ball with your eyes open.

Then, close your eyes slowly and then open them slowly and blink.  Look at the ball again and let the ball sense you.

Use the imperfections of the ball to try to connect with the ball.  Become more experienced and make a relationship with your ball so you can connect to it and ask questions.