Increase Your Tarot Readings and Know Your Cards

Increasing Your Tarot Readings

If you are interested in being a tarot reader and you have your own deck of cards and you have read for your friends, but you don’t really feel like you are getting much out of your readings, this is a common things that can happen with readers.  After you start to learn, you have to learn to go deeper.


Using tarot is reaching into your intuition.  This is the most important thing that will happen when you do a reading and so you need to develop this skill first.  Tarot reading needs intuition like other areas of your life need it.

Intuition is using your senses to get information from the world in our unconscious mind.  The subconscious mind allows us to process information that we cannot explain or that it is just a gut feeling.  Tarot is about reaching this information and being able to understand it and send the information to the universe.

Meditation can help to improve your intuition because it allows you to relax and to reach deeper.  This can happen in our hearts and our thoughts can tell us what we need and help keep us safe.  Try to draw more information from the unconscious mind for each of your situations.  Meditation can help to quiet the thoughts that you have and help you to get the right information.

There are many ways to do meditation and to recognize what the mind is trying to say.  Try to create a quiet mind and practice to develop your intuition.  Doing this can increase your awareness and to help you see what is happening around you.  Meditation helps you not to be distracted. Being mindful can help you to concentrate and help you to increase your gifts.

Being in a Good State of Mind

Meditation can help you to have a good state of mind.  You need to make sure that you are in the right state of mind when you go into a reading.  You need to make sure that you aren’t worried or distracted and that you are not overwhelmed.

Before you do a reading, you need to make sure your mind is clear and that you have good emotional balance.  You can do a fast meditation for just a few minutes before you start.  Make sure you are positive and that you have faith.


The cards are important in your reading, so you need to make sure that you have a connection between your cards and your intuition.  The way to do this is to make sure that you spend time with your cards.  This can help you to get knowledge from them.

When you are dealing with the cards, you need to have the right cards and create a relationship with them.  Let the cards go from your hands and shuffle them so they know how you feel.  While you hold them, draw them out and call them to attention.  Read the cards right away and look at the pictures and decide what is best for the cards.

Look at all meanings and pay attention to how the cards make you feel.  Doing this will give you information during the reading. If you struggle with the cards, you might need to get a different deck.  Everyone has different cards that do different things for them so find the right deck for you.


Keep a journal of all the readings that you do so that they can improve for you each time.  Record each reading that you have done and make sure that you note if the reading was accurate or if it was unclear.

Revisiting the journal regularly will help you to know what is going on with your readings and will help you to see more inside what is happening.

Passing Time

Spend time with other readers and talk about your experiences.  This is one of the best ways to get better reading results.

When people that you know do Tarot readings, work with them, and tell them what you have experienced.  Experiment with them and see if they can tell you things about the cards and let you know why the cards are meaningful and how they can speak to you.

They can practice with you and help you master these tools so that you can learn to give the best readings.


  1. It’s interesting how the state of mind plays a critical role in tarot reading. Being emotionally balanced and positive seems essential for accurate and meaningful readings. Quick meditation before a session is a good practice.

  2. The idea of keeping a journal for tarot readings is quite intriguing. It not only helps in tracking progress but also in refining interpretation skills over time by revisiting past readings.

  3. Collaborating with other tarot readers to exchange experiences and tips sounds like a valuable approach for improving one’s skills. Peer feedback can provide new insights that may not be apparent when reading alone.

  4. The emphasis on intuition in tarot reading resonates with what I’ve read in several psychological studies about the role of the subconscious mind in decision-making. Meditation as a tool to enhance this skill seems very practical.

  5. Forming a relationship with the tarot cards appears to be a deeply personal aspect of the reading process. It makes sense that spending time with the cards would enhance one’s intuitive connection to them.

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