Signs Your Loved Ones are Near You

Signs from Our Loved Ones

When someone that you love dies, you will sometimes struggle with accepting it and will look for signs that they are trying to reach you and that they have passed over peacefully.  The problem is that when you are searching for these signs, that it can be a challenge and there are times you won’t see a sign and get frustrated.  Other times, you will see signs that have messages.


One of the most common ways to get a sign from a loved one is through a dream.  When your mind is not distracted then the dream can come from the spirits, and they can bring a message to you from your loved one.  This can be a symbol of love, or you can see them appear directly to give you a message.


Numbers that you feel are repeated can be signs.  They can be anywhere, and you might see them over and over again.  They can be on license plates, signs, phone numbers or clocks.  These numbers could be used to identify your loved one.


An object will not necessarily appear suddenly in front of you, but it might be something that is already in your path like your shoes sitting outside or sitting by the door.  Sometimes these things are meaningful and your loved one could be trying to show you a sign or to give you a message.


Smells can be a sign or a memory and this can be the reason that you will sometimes smell something that your loved one would wear or have on such as a perfume or a cologne.  This could be a good smell or a bad smell like smoke.  These smells are meant to be familiar.

The messages associated with smells are often times indicating the individual you want to hear from and are meant to bring clarity to you.


You can pay attention to the things around you, and you can find out if your loved ones that have passed over are close to you. Notice the different messages that they want to give you and let them show you that they are now living a peaceful life in the spirit world.