Using Tarot Spreads for Ex Lovers

Tarot Spreads for Ex Lovers

It can be hard to get over your ex and love can make you feel crazy. After you go through a breakup, you might wonder about your ex, if they met someone new or if they are actually happy with their life. You might question if they think of you or if they know that you still love them or not.

Tarot cards are a way that you can find out about things like your relationships. Even after you have had a breakup, you can use tarot spreads to find out about your ex.

Ex Partner Spreads

There are different kinds of card spreads that you can use in order to find out about your ex and to find out if you will ever be with them again. By doing a tarot reading after you break up, you will find out what your ex is thinking and what you can do about it.

Three Card Spread

One of the easiest spreads is the three-card spread. Here is what it can show you:

  • Card 1

This will show you what is going on in the life of your ex right now. It will give you answers even though this isn’t your business. You might be curious and wonder what is going on with your ex and even though you don’t need to, the cards can show you.

  • Card 2

This is a card that will show you if they can feel your care for them. You know that you still care for your ex, and you want them to have the best life. This card can help you to get past the hurt that you had from them and help them to know that you still love them.

  • Card 3

If you want to know if you can get back together with your ex ever, this is what card 3 will tell you. The universes will look at your vibrations and this can cause you to remember things that make you feel good. If your vibrations match with your ex-partners, you might get back together someday. If your vibrations don’t match, don’t count on it.

Four Card Spread

The four-card spread is one that can tell you if your ex-lover is ever going to come back to you. Chances are they won’t, but who knows what the cards might say.

  • Card 1

This card is going to tell you what your ex thinks about you.

  • Card 2

This is the card that tells you what your ex is feeling for you. You might wonder if they still love you or not and this card can answer these questions.

  • Card 3

This is the card that can tell you what your ex has been doing to better their life. You might wonder if they are living a better life and working towards being a better person. You left them for a reason and if you want to know if they are going to treat you better, this card can tell you.

  • Card 4

This is a card that can tell you if you can work out the relationship in the future. If you wonder if you and your partner will be back together, this card can tell you and can help you to have insight on if the reconnection can happen.

3-Card Inspirational Reading

This is a spread that can tell you things and inspired you to live your best life and to move forward with or without your ex.

  • Card 1

This card tells you what to focus on and what you should do even if you and your ex can’t get back together. Notice what kind of attitude you have and where you should put your energies.

  • Card 2

This is a card that can tell you what you need to let go so that you can heal. Say positive affirmations and make sure that you are clear what you want from your ex.

  • Card 3

Card three tells you what good things you should see in yourself. You’re not the same person that you were when you were with your ex, and you have many good qualities rather they saw them in your or not.

What Questions Should You Not Ask the Cards?

There are many good questions that you can ask the tarot cards about your ex but there are some things that you shouldn’t ask when you are getting an ex-partner reading. Here are some of the worst questions to ask:

Has Your Ex Been with Someone Besides You Since the Breakup?

You should never ask this question because it isn’t your business. By asking this, you are trying to find out things that you can’t control. Don’t try to hurt yourself more by bringing up such a question.

How Can You Make Your Ex Come Back to You?

You can’t make anyone do anything. If your ex comes back to you then it has to be because they choose to be with you. You need to learn to be happy rather they are with you or not and if they aren’t then you need to move on.

If you want to ask this question, you need to ask a question about your own self such as, “What can I do to attract the right kind of love into my life?” By asking this you can find out how to better yourself so that you can meet the right person.

What Can I Do To Have Another Chance with My Ex?

You should never want to change or do things that cause someone to be with you if it isn’t meant to be. The vibrations that you have should be high and when you ask things like this, it can cause your vibrations to be low and cause you to miss out on things that make you happy. The better questions would be, “How can I learn to move on without my ex?” This is a way that you can learn to be happy rather you are with them or not.

Forgiving Them Spread

It can be hard to forgive someone that has hurt you, especially an ex. When they leave you, you will probably be hurt. You have to learn how to forgive them so that you can move forward and so that you can find happiness in your life. Instead of getting your ex back, you should learn how to forgive them so that you can move forward in your life.

The cards can all be spread out and this can help you to figure out what you need to forgive and what actions you need to take in order to be successful in your life and your happiness. Learn to appreciate yourself and others and stop trying to hold on to the past.

As you learn to forgive them and yourself for the broken relationships, the best thing that you can do is to keep yourself open for true love. Love is not what you are, but love is part of what you have to give.

If someone loves you and they keep causing you pain or hurt, chances are that they aren’t the person that you should be with. They may have never really loved you or they might be someone that just has a hard time loving anyone.

You can talk to a psychic and get a tarot card spread if you want to find out more about what your ex is feeling and about what you can do to make your life better. Don’t hold on to relationships that are painful but move on and find the peace and happiness that you want with or without getting back with your ex-partner.