Using Affirmation Decks to Make Life Positive

Using Affirmation Decks

There are times of difficulty in life when we feel the need for inspiration, kindness, or a simple reminder that we are cared for and supported by someone. People choose to get this in different ways. Some may call a friend; others may visit a psychic. Ultimately, what we are all looking for is a bit of support during a trying time.

There are other times in life when we are more focused on attracting something into our lives for the better. Perhaps a new relationship or a career change is on the horizon, or we are excited about a new project prospect. We may even be trying to heal from past issues or traumas and need a bit of help. Each of these types of experiences can be challenging, but also positive. To offer a bit of extra help, we can turn to an affirmation deck.

For Inspiration

So that affirmation decks can clearly be discussed, we must first define affirmation. Affirmations are statements, typically written out or made to oneself, that can be used now to create or release something good in the future. Affirming something in the present is important in the overall process to help bring things forth in the future.

An affirmation is not a hope, like, “I hope I have a better job in the future,” but a positive like “I have a wonderful job that I love and that pays well”. These affirmations help attract what you want. It should be noted that affirmations do not make things happen immediately, but simply plant the seeds and water it through repetition. As we continue to focus on the dream, we move closer to it.

Creating Affirmations

We can create our own affirmations to create unique experiences. Write out your affirmation on a card and place a few around areas of your home. This can be effective, but cards are rarely decorative in nature, which is where an affirmation deck comes into play.

Finding Affirmation Cards

Affirmation decks can be found online or in bookstore with tarot cards. Some are highly specific, but general decks are also available. Once you have found the right deck for you, there is really no incorrect way to use them.

Some people use a specific card or two in a specific area and keep it near them as a reminder. Others may lay out several cards and ask the universe to point them in a specific direction. The two or three that draw your attention can be the focus for the week or month. The deck is a reminder to stay positive and not let negative feelings rule in life.

An affirmation deck you enjoy is like having a friend that is there for you at all times. This is a personal gift we can give to ourselves. If none of the decks you find seem right, create your own with decorations and favorite affirmations that you love.