Using Lucky Charms for Feng Shui to Bring Luck

Using Lucky Charms for Feng Shui

Feng Shui is something that allows you to be nurtured and to be prosperous. This allows you to have positive energy coming into your life. The idea of Feng Shui has to do with Chinese cultures, and it can be a good luck charm that can make your life better.

It is important to know about these good luck charms so that you can keep them close to you and have better energies surrounding you.


Oranges are part of the yang energy which is bright and exciting. This is like seeing the sun and can make you feel energized and happy. Oranges are used to clear out negative energy and to bring joy and peace to your life. If you want to have a peaceful life and good energy, paint your home the color orange. You can also use a scent to make the house smell good.

Oranges are shaped like coins that are gold and you can use them as a sign of abundance in your home or you can eat a fresh orange to have good energy. Wear things that have the color orange on them to bring luck to your being.

Red Envelopes

Getting a red envelope in the Chinese culture means that you are getting a gift of money. This can happen during the Lunar New Year and other Chinese holidays.

The color red is one of the yang colors and it means energy of life. This is a color that is part of the fire element and can mean passion and luck.

Double Happiness Symbol

This symbols are a Chinese symbol that means that your joy will be doubled. This is used when there are weddings or if someone invites you over. This can be covered in the color red and can bring joy and peace in your life.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

You probably know the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and you might know which animal has to do with your birth year. This means that they are in a certain order and that they are there to represent balance in your life.

A person with a different animal zodiac will have a different personality than you do unless you share the same animal.

Chinese Zodiac Friends

If you know what Chinese zodiac animal that you are, you can figure out what animal your best friend is. They might be a pig, snake, monkey, horse, tiger, rat, or ox. Find out what your best friend is, and this can increase your luck.

You can also find out which animal is connected to the year that you are in and have this symbol around you so that you can bring luck to your life.

Ten Coins of the Emperors

The Coins of the Ten Emperors are a symbol of the Qin Dynasty and the reserves. This can mean wealth and fairness in your life. If you find this coin, you can put it in your office at work or your home and you will have better luck in your job.


The dragon is important in the Asian culture, and it can mean luck and happiness. Some dragons can even bring rain when a harvest is needed.

Eternal Knot

There are different kinds of knots in different cultures and in Buddhism, the knot can mean a symbol of compassion and wisdom. In Chinese, this means life and love and good luck.