Wanna Date? Love Yourself First!

Love Yourself

Dating can be a great time but what happens when you go on date after date, and you never get anywhere? Why does this keep happening to you? The thing about dating means that you are going out with people to get to know them but what happens if you don’t even know yourself? Some people say that dating means that you are being with someone that is a reflection of yourself. This isn’t your physical looks, but this is mental, emotional, and spiritual.

People that are in relationships with other people often are with people that are like themselves. The way that they look at themselves can affect these relationships and it can be harder for people with low self-esteem to even find someone to date because they are always looking down on themselves and on others. Self-esteem can affect all of your relationships.

If you aren’t able to love who you are, or if you are one of those people that hate themselves, how are you going to figure out what a good relationship is? How will you have a healthy relationship with someone eels if you can’t love yourself?

It is important that you figure out who you are, and you learn to love yourself before you ever consider going on a date with someone else. You will see that you can respect others much more once you learn to love and respect yourself.

Set the Tone

The way that you see yourself sets the tone for all of your relationships. If you have a good relationship with yourself then you will have a good relationship with others and vice versa. Imagine that you are in a relationship with someone that you have no love for or someone that you think is overly flawed or worthless? Would you be able to stay with them? How would their existence affect who you were and what you did in your life?

Now, take time to think about someone else. Imagine that you are the person that is the flawed and worthless person that you are dating. This happens when people don’t take time to love themselves and to deal with the things that are negative inside of them. They are basically dating themselves and they are giving this same energy that they give to themselves to other people and that doesn’t make for a happy relationship.

If you don’t think that you are worthy of being loved, then how do you ever expect someone else to think that you are? If you don’t love yourself and you are constantly manifesting negativity into your life, how can you expect someone else to give you something positive? Dating yourself or your reflection means that you have to look at how you see yourself and change your mindset because this is the kind of energies that you’re giving out to others.

Dating isn’t about dating someone that is just like you but its about being at a level where you can connect with them emotionally, mentally and so on. When you hate yourself or you aren’t able to deal with who you are, you aren’t at a mature level that allows you to get what you need. Someone that is looking for love is looking to be with someone that will be attractive to them, in and out, and someone that has some kind of self-awareness and self-love.

If you want to have a life of love and of happiness, then you need to have this with yourself. You need to accept your flaws, love yourself past your mistakes and not look at everything as negative. You have to have some kind of self-esteem and self-worth and you have to stop putting yourself down. This is one thing that you need in order to let the universe send you back something positive. Remember, whatever you put into the universe comes back to you.

To have this life, you need to reach your highest good and stop embracing the negative but learn to love yourself no matter what is going on. You have to unlearn the thoughts that you have that you aren’t good enough and find that you are better than that and be grateful for who you are.

Give Yourself Time

It is important to give yourself time to meet your own needs and not to meet the needs of everyone else all the time. This might sound selfish, but the truth is that if you don’t make this time for yourself and you don’t start giving yourself the care that you need, you won’t ever find the love that you want.

The people that are in relationships with you are a reflection of who you are, and you are reflecting their beliefs as they reflect your beliefs. Make sure that you have high esteem for yourself so that you can meet someone that will feel the same about you.


  1. This article eloquently addresses the profound connection between self-love and the success of romantic relationships. It’s a poignant reminder that our relationship with ourselves sets the foundation for all other connections. Truly insightful and thought-provoking!

  2. While it is undeniably crucial to have a positive relationship with oneself before embarking on the journey of dating, the assertion that one cannot find love if they do not fully love themselves is somewhat reductive. Humans are inherently complex and dynamic beings; self-love is a continuous process rather than a fixed state. It is possible to cultivate and build self-esteem within the context of a loving relationship. To categorically state that you must reach a pinnacle of self-love before you can attract a partner fails to acknowledge the multifaceted nature of human connections, where mutual growth and support often play a key role in personal development.

  3. While the argument stresses the importance of self-love, it oversimplifies the complexities of human relationships. There’s an assumption that individuals can easily achieve self-awareness and self-acceptance, which is not always feasible given societal pressures and psychological challenges. Emotional maturity is nuanced and multifaceted.

  4. Wow, so basically if I don’t love myself, I’m doomed to eternal loneliness? That’s just peachy! Thank you for this cheery revelation. I’ll make sure to tell my therapist about this new insight while we work on my ‘self-love journey.’

  5. This article eloquently captures the essence of self-awareness in the context of dating. The interdependence between self-love and relationship dynamics is often underestimated, yet it forms the crux of meaningful connections. A profound introspection is indeed imperative for fostering authentic and emotionally rich relationships.

  6. I found this article incredibly informative. It sheds light on the psychological dimensions of dating and emphasizes the importance of self-esteem in forming healthy relationships. The idea that we attract what we reflect is a powerful reminder to work on our inner selves.

  7. Oh, so now not only do I have to deal with the mess that is modern dating, but I also need to achieve inner peace and enlightenment? Great, let me just add that to my to-do list. Perhaps we should also meditate while swiping left and right?

  8. The article eloquently touches on a fundamental aspect of human relationships, which is self-awareness and self-love. The idea that one must first know and accept oneself before forming a meaningful connection with another person is crucial. This notion is deeply rooted in psychological theories such as Carl Rogers’ concept of self-actualization, where personal growth and fulfillment come from understanding and accepting one’s true self. The emphasis on self-esteem as the cornerstone for successful relationships is a well-supported argument. Without a healthy sense of self, one cannot create the emotional and mental intimacy necessary for a robust relationship. This article serves as a reminder that introspection and personal development are indispensable steps towards genuine and lasting connections.

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