Ways of Dealing with Bad Attitude of a Selfish Boyfriend

Ways of Dealing with Bad Attitude of a Selfish Boyfriend

Self-centeredness is a personality attribute getting your man to quit being selfish isn’t as simple as squeezing a catch. Regardless of whether he is insolent to you, acts mean constantly, underestimates you, never takes you out on dates, or is selfish in bed, discover how you can manage your man’s mean   ways through techniques like having ardent discussions, not answering to his messages, and a lot more regular answers for this genuine relationship issue.

  1. Disclose to him how his selfish behavior is making you unhappy

Give your heart a chance to carry out the communication. All this time while you were reeling because of your man’s egotistical conduct, he might not even have acknowledged how he was acting. Some people who have expanded egos and a subtle level of arrogance usually don’t understand how their indifferent conduct affect their relationship partners.

Therefore your first endeavor to get to your boyfriend to stop being selfish ought to be a peaceful discussion. Motivate him to relate to your emotions by letting him know how his conduct makes you sad. If he actually cares, he should understand your plea.

  1. Hold Your Emotions Under Check When You Talk to Him About His Selfishness

The greatest obstacle you will confront while managing selfish individuals is their selfishness, and you will never have the capacity to prevail upon their egotistical mentality if your feelings lead you into a blame game. On the off chance that it gets to that, a selfish person will, for the most part, remain consistent with identity and argue until the point that he gets what he needs.

Rather, monitor your feelings and dependably remind yourself not to lose your temper. Continue telling yourself to resist the urge to panic. Keeping a level head will enable you to control the discussion every step of the way and uncover your man’s self-centeredness.

  1. Call attention to Specific Instances of His Selfishness and Avoid the Sweeping Statements

On the off chance that your boyfriend is extremely selfish, he will stay incognizant in regards to his selfish courses until the point that you really point them out. Take a note and utilize explicit cases to demonstrate to him how difficult it is for you. For instance: Bring up how the majority of your dates over the most recent five months have been to places that only he loved.

Enlighten him regarding the way that he anticipates that you will be free from your studies and work at whatever point he needs, yet that it is never the same the other way around.

Remind him how he confidently said “no” when you approached him to take you out for a midnight snack, yet he regularly drives down to the area 7-Eleven when he craves having a midnight Slurpee.

Giving explicit instances of selfishness will effectively express the idea. He will have nothing to defend himself against reality.

  1. Try not to Give Him an Ultimatum Unless You Are Actually Ready to separate

Giving ultimatums and not catching up on them is a typical slip-up that many people make while managing relationship issues. This will blowback and urge your boyfriend to take you for granted.

For instance, assume you tell your boyfriend that you will part ways with him if he doesn’t quit being selfish, however, he keeps on demonstrating his terrible side, and you don’t make a move. This sends a solid message crosswise over to him that he can escape with it.

So except if your sweetheart’s selfish conduct has disappointed you to a point where you are prepared to leave everything and leave the relationship, don’t issue death threats.

  1. Don’t leave your boyfriend behind When You Go Out With Your Friends

Give him a chance to see how you get respect from your other friends and how they treat you with a considerable measure of affection. Seeing your friends giving you lots of love will ideally rouse your boyfriend to give you some affection as well. If he is real, he will take a prompt and this kind of treatment will become his daily routine.

  1. Go on a Double Date With a Couple Who Shares Great Chemistry

Going on a double date with a couple who shares astounding chemistry will open your boyfriend’s eyes and give him an idea or two on how a person should treat his young lady. These are a portion of the things your boyfriend will see about the other person:

  • How he enables his lady to complete talking before he interrupts.
  • The subtle, yet extremely overwhelming feeling of respect that he appears towards his better half
  • How he behaves like a real gentleman with her
  • How he is always ready to put aside everything and give attention to her.

In the event that your sweetheart has the smallest piece of consideration and concern towards you, the other person’s conduct should influence him to think about his own attitude. It will give him something to consider on your way home.

  1. Quit Being Taken for Granted

Try not to go out with your boyfriend just when he needs to go out. A selfish dude regularly takes his better half out on a date when and where he feels like. When she recommends stuff like going out to a high-end eatery or going for a movie, he will have a scope of reasons, from falling ill to having a very important commitment the following day.

Give him a taste of his own medicine by saying no to his date when he has the desire to go out to his most loved place. If he questions you, tell him you are not in the mood.

8. Make him come to you

Stop being the usual you when you are around your boyfriend. Display some kind of sadness in your behavior. give him more space than he is used to and act uninterested.

Seeing you looking miserable should hit a soft spot in his heart because ideally, no guy likes to see his girl not happy. In case he comes over to ask, hit him with some of the below scenarios.

  • Nothing is wrong, I just feel irrelevant since you don’t give me any attention
  • I’m always your second priority in this relationship, how can I be happy?
  • I want to feel loved and treated well. Is that too much to ask for?

Be vague and avoid getting too personal while saying these things. If he wants to see his girlfriend happy, he will comfort you and take care of his awful attitude.

  1. don’t answer all his calls and texts

When all verbal efforts aren’t working, its now time to try some tougher tactics to make him realize his mistake. Don’t answer every text. Don’t pick every call. Let him freak out for some time then respond with a simple Hi, or Hello later.

Of course, he will notice something is wrong and when he questions, bring to his attention his selfish behavior ie.

  • I didn’t feel like picking up. You were so mean last night on our date
  • How can I pick up your calls when am not happy about h=ow you treated me yesterday.
  1. Avoid Intimacy. Let him know you don’t feel like it

The next time he tries to get touchy and cozy with you, push him away. Tell him you are not in the mood and do your best to avoid intercourse.

This will send a strong signal to him, and will immediately realize that his recent behavior could have been the cause of all these. He will man up and if he really wants a relationship with you.

  1. Give his selfishness time to wear off

Selfishness cannot be switched on or off just like that. It’s not possible.

Don’t fall for his antics to get rid of his selfishness, there will be ups and downs as he tries to get rid of his attitude and change his personality. Wait for at least 2 months for him to change completely.

12. Final Kicks of a dying horse; Get someone else to try talking to him:

It’s never a great idea to involve other people in your relationship issues, but if your boyfriend’s selfishness is giving you sleepless nights, getting one of his pals to talk to him could be a last resort.

He might take it personally and feel bad about it of course, therefore, ensure this is the only option you have left on the plate.

13. Make up your mind; Break up if he fails to change completely

If none of all the above work, you might have to make a very difficult decision. Below are some of the factors you might want to consider

  • How long have you been dating?
  • Are there signs of commitment?
  • Does he take you for granted all the time?
  • Can you bear with his selfishness any longer?
  • Have you exhausted all the possible ways to get some sense into his head?
  • Can you handle the heartbreak?
  • Remember there is no going back once a decision is made.

Consider all these factors. If the relationship is too much because of this guy, maybe its time to let go.