Manifesting In Social Media

Manifesting In Social Media

Social media has advantages or a bit of disadvantage in these expensive times.  Nevertheless, your use of social media can only be known to you making it a powerful tool.  How is this possible? If you only pay attention to what encourages and build you then you will be able to notice growth especially on the things you focus on. We core-create a lot of things without even being aware that’s why we see many things coming up.

We Have Choices when it comes to Social Media

  • We have the power to control a specific energy by either emphasizing it or calming it down. Our ability to change what’s in our newsfeed is quite possible.
  • We can always oppose the bad and negative things and talk about our beliefs on certain issues on how they might end OR we can decide to always have a positive thinking and always believe that there are usually happy endings.
  • We can always react to both the positives OR the negatives.
  • We can construct OR

We have to decide.

It doesn’t matter what we post or how we decide to react to posts. But the fact that we can create or destroy is what matters. You can decide on what the end result of a story will be by just writing and focusing on it.

Regardless of social media not indicating any chance of it being real life it can actually reflect real life….

Be a positive force through self-encouragement by writing encouraging posts that have happy endings and being a source of hope to yourself and those close to you. Life is hard but we can frame to make it look like social media.

Always be a person of positive force. Just engage in the positives and do away with the negatives.