The Meaning of Your Dreams

The Meaning of Your Dreams

Dreams are intriguing. We all have them, and yet they are entirely unique to our own minds. We have common dreams, like falling or being naked in public, but our dreams are populated by people we know and places we frequent.

Dreams are our mind’s way of processing all the information that our eyes, ears, and other senses take in throughout the day. Our dreams don’t always make sense, and other times they feel more real than anything else. The meaning of our dreams is something we often wonder about and has been a topic of conversation and study in academic circles for many years.

Here are a few couple dream themes and what they might mean for you:

  • Water: when we dream about water, this can mean the state of your emotional self. Dreams about swimming can be your mind’s way of processing sexuality. Whether the water is moving or still, clear, or cloudy, and if you enjoy swimming or not can all pertain to your sexual and emotional health.
  • Houses: Dreaming about houses can lead to discussions about your own mental health. The house represents our mind and the state of our subconscious and conscious minds. Dreaming about a car can represent your life journey, and whether the road is rocky or smooth, uplifting, or slow, can give you insight into the health of your personal life.

Additionally, there are four types of dreams that can be distinguished from our regular dream states. These for dream types are:

  1. Prophetic dreams
  2. Contact dreams
  3. Astral travel dreams
  4. Past life dreams
  • Prophetic Dreaming

Prophetic dreams are dreams that tell us about events that are going to occur. Oftentimes we push these kinds of dreams to the side until they happen in real life; then we realize that we have seen this series of events before, in our own minds. There are rarely explanations for why we were able to see these events before they happened.

  • Contact Dreaming

Contact dreams involve dreaming of another person who we are talking to or otherwise communicating with on a subconscious level. We might dream that we are talking to them face to face, texting, or writing to them, which means you are communicating over a distance.

  • Astral Dreaming

Astral travel dreams often involve flying. You might be dreaming that you are swimming through the air or flying over locations that are familiar or unfamiliar to you.

  • Past Life Dreaming

Past life dreams allow us a glimpse into the lives we have already lived. These dreams can be reoccurring, and it seems like they are much more real than other dreams you have. Dreams of this variety can lend you insight into lessons to be learned about your present life.

  • Writing and Analyzing Dreams

Writing down your dreams can help you to begin analyzing what your mind is trying to tell you. In the morning or after you’ve woken from a dream, write down the elements of the dream that you remember. Take individual characters and think about what they could symbolize in your life. Most dreams are messages from your subconscious trying to let you know important information.