Dog Astrology from A to Z

Dog Astrology from A to Z

If you have had dogs over the years or currently have multiple dogs, you might notice just how different their personalities are. Even if they have grown up in the same house and setting, dogs have characters that are just as unique and individual as humans are.

The zodiac is much more than just a series of horoscopes- it is also a way of determining personality traits and dominant character traits. The zodiac can affect your animals just as it can influence people born under the same stars.

Here is more information about the dog zodiac and how the stars can affect your dog’s personality.

Aries: Dogs born under the Aries sign are often alphas. They lead the pack and dominate the social hierarchy of the animals in your home. These dogs require a lot of exercise and might have a tendency to run away or escape if they feel confined or bored.


Taurus: Taurus dogs are dependable and reliant to the point of stubbornness. These dogs often have a one-track mind, but these dogs are incredibly smart and can be trained very well. These dogs like to form habits and will perform best when given structure.

Gemini: Gemini dogs often seem like they are filled with different personalities. They can be cuddly and sweet one minute and rowdy and aggressive the next. This can be assisted by training them well and giving these dogs different activities to engage them.

Cancer: Cancer dogs love to be at home with their people. They are loveable and cuddly, always willing to guard their family. Treat these dogs with kindness and respect and they will do the same.

Leo: Leo dogs are naturally born rulers. They are regal and dignified, until you catch them chasing their tails! These dogs become the center of your world very quickly. Praise these dogs for good behavior and don’t let them roam off leash too much- they are liable to get into trouble.

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Virgo: These dogs adapt easily to a variety of settings. They do well with different kinds of owners, as long as there is an authority figure they can look up to. Leo dogs can be very energetic, so don’t let their energy go to waste!

Libra: Libra dogs need balance and stability in order to be happy. These dogs like to rest and relax with you, which includes long walks and lots of treats. Libra puppies are very smart and can be trained to do a wide variety of tricks.

Scorpio: Scorpio dogs are incredibly intuitive and often react to the emotions they sense in their owners. These dogs need an authority figure to give them structure and guidance. Don’t fall for their tantrums- they’re just trying to get your attention!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius dogs are good with one owner to take control of the leash. These dogs are great trackers and do well with outdoor activities. Don’t keep these dogs cooped up.

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Capricorn: Capricorns are often high-class dogs, highly sociable and good for breeding. These dogs like expensive treats, purebred friends, and being spoiled.

Aquarius: Aquarius dogs are loveable and easily distracted by new adventures. These dogs want to make friends with everyone but aren’t always aware when other dogs could be hostile.

Pisces: Pisces dogs are dreamy, distractible, and friendly dogs. They find it difficult to make decisions, but they love being near and in the water. They need to be in familiar environments to really shine.