Psychic Dreams: Three Main Types Explained

Psychic Dreams: Three Main Types Explained

The dream world is absolutely fascinating. In our dreams, everything can exist that is beyond time and space is possible. This allows us to explore in different dimensions and see varying aspects of ourselves that we cannot see during waking hours. Dreams can also allow us to tap into psychic abilities that are hidden in our waking lives. There are three common types of psychic dreams that will be discussed and how they can help you connect to your higher self.

Precognitive Type

Precognitive dreams offer insights into future events that involve living beings. These are sometimes called prophetic dreams or even premonitions, these foreshadow something that may occur so you can prepare for the event or make changes to avoid it.

If you have dreamed of a death of someone only to find they died in a manner similar to the dream, this is premonition. This works for the positive too, like dreaming of a friend you haven’t seen in ages and running into them a few days later. These dreams can be positive, negative, straightforward or symbolic, the determination is totally up to you.

Telepathic Type

Telepathic dreams often seem insignificant until they are shared with someone and you realize you have had similar dreams. Dream telepathy is a form of communication. Those who experience this are deeply connected on an emotional level. These dreams often convey messages, ideas, and feelings between people who are close. This is why twins often share dreams, especially when they are identical.  However, it is not only twins who have this experience.

Clairvoyant Type

Clairvoyant dreams connect us with information that you do not typically access while awake. For example, a big time weather event happening in your dream only to awake and find out it did in another part of the world. Sometimes these dreams happen days, months, or years in advance and can be interpreted by a dream interpreter. This type dream allows you to tune into a future event even without cognitive awareness. Many times, the dream is quickly forgotten until déjà vu around the event is felt.

The difference between a clairvoyant and precognitive dream is that clairvoyant types deal with non-living events or objects, but precognitive is usually about the living things. Many people experience psychic dreaming at some point, even if unaware of any psychic abilities.