What Happens When Your Third Eye Chakra is Blocked?

Third Eye Chakra

When your chakras are blocked, it can cause you to have negative things happen to you. If your third eye chakra is blocked, it is the part of your energy center that has to do with your physical and your spiritual senses.

Having perception that helps you to manifest things and to experience life helps you to understand things in a bigger way.

If your third eye chakra is blocked, it can cause your spiritual awakening to take longer. There are signs that you can look for to know if your third eye is blocked. This can happen by the habits that you do and by the things that you think and the way that you act.

When a chakra is blocked, it just means that it is no longer healthy. There can be blockages that make the chakra be over or under active.

An overactive and underactive third eye chakra needs to be balanced so that your health and your energy can remove blockages and be healthier.

Here are some signs that your third eye chakra is blocked:

Missing Intuition

The third eye is the place in your energy center where you reach your intuition. Intuition is your natural inner voice that helps you to know things.

This can give you guidance and help you to have wisdom to make good choices. If you feel that you no longer have intuition, this can confuse your life and make you feel that you are missing your life purpose.

The internal guidance that you have should be strong and if it isn’t, this can mean that you are blocked there. This can make it where you are afraid to trust yourself.


When your third eye chakra is working well, you have a feeling of being one with your consciousness. This happens because it allows you to understand duality and who you are.

It allows you to see the world and to have a way to connect with people that you meet along your journey.

When you understand the different experiences and people that you meet and you realize that they are part of your growth, this means your chakra is strong.

If you feel that you are disconnected and not able to meet new people or accept them, your chakra might be blocked. This can mean that your ego has taken over, making you feel isolated or lonely in your life.