What is Clairaudience? Understanding Gifts


Clairaudience is a psychic gift and is one of the clair gifts. Clairaudience means to have clear hearing. This is a gift that allows people to be able to get information through their spiritual senses and to hearing things in the spiritual world. This has nothing to do with the physical ears.

With this gift, a person can reach their spiritual guides or angels or even speak to someone that has passed to the other side.

How People Get Clairaudient Messages

Here are some of the ways that clairaudient people get messages:

  • They hear voices in their head. It can be a complete conversation.
  • They get messages from others that they hear in their head, most likely in their own voice.
  • Hearing words, phrases or even music in your mind. These messages can be literal.
  • Hearing sounds without anyone being around you.
  • Hearing voices in your mind that aren’t your own voices.

Do You Have Clairaudient Gifts?

Everyone can have clairaudient gifts. There are some signs that you might be clairaudient, even if you have other gifts. Here are some of the signs:

  • You are gifted at playing music or you can read by ear. You love to listen to music and music makes you feel better.
  • You are a better learner when you can listen to the lesson instead of having to read it. You learn more by hearing than by seeing.
  • Loud noises make you cringe or give you a headache. You are sensitive to loud things, and you have to have your quiet time.
  • Your ears are buzzing or popping often.
  • You have a conversation with yourself often.
  • Sometimes you hear noises, music, or voices when no one is around.
  • You used to have an imaginary friend.
  • The people around you come to you to ask you for advice.
  • Sounds, sounds or even speeches give you guidance.

Even if you only experience one or two gifts, this can mean that your clairaudient gift is your strongest psychic gift.

Experiencing the Clairaudient Life

Some people will get messages in their own life that they hear through music or even voices in their mind. This can be a song that plays on the radio and gives you a message from someone that has passed to the other side.

Other people get warning messages that keep them safe in dangerous situations. Maybe you have been driving and your GPS tells you to turn the opposite way that the map is showing you. By following these directions, chances are that you avoided something dangerous.

People that are open to their gifts can even hear voices. They can hear warnings and signs that their spirit guides are giving them to keep them safe. Are you someone that has experienced clairaudient signs? Always keep an open mind and heart and if you need guidance, see a clairaudient psychic for a reading.