When Your Child Has Psychic Gifts

Child Has Psychic Gifts

Do you ever look around at small children and wonder what they see and what they are feeling? Are you ever over taken by your curiosity of these children because they act so different and they seem to have special gifts?

Some children are born psychic but many of them do not ever develop their giftings because they are not encouraged by their parent or loved one. Many times the parents will not mentor their children in their gifts, and they will ignore it or avoid it, causing the gift to go away.

A parent needs to be responsible to help their children with their psychic giftings. This is the only way that they can protect their gifts and to become stronger.

At first, you might have the desire to ignore the things that your child does. Maybe your child talks to imaginary friends or they are withdrawn or full of fantasies in their life. Instead of telling them that they need to stop acting that way, one way that you can encourage them is by embracing their gifts and ask questions about what they are feeling.

Whatever the child is experiencing in the spirit world will make sense to them, even if you do not understand it at first.

Maybe your child looks at pictures and they know who is in the picture without ever meeting them. This can happen because your children might have lived a past life with that person. They might also be very interested in history or a specific time frame and this could be because of their past life.

Instead of ignoring it, learn to embrace what they are wanting to know and take trips and look at books together. Encourage them to embrace the history that they crave and to learn all that they can. This can be their spirit guides leading them.

Some children have strong intuition, and they are able to read people in their lives. They might instantly know if someone is sneaky or lying to them and this can cause them to withdraw and to be loners. When this happens, you have to learn to listen to what they are telling you.

The child’s instincts can be very strong and if they are fearful or scared about someone or something, instead of getting mad, ask them why they feel that way and really pay attention.

Do not ask yes or no questions but ask open ended questions that can get to the bottom of what your child is feeling and is thinking.

Sometimes your child might have dreams that give them signs or even have visions. This might be hard for them to explain and they might be afraid to tell you or think that people will make fun of them.

Sometimes their feelings are hard to understand and if they are feeling overwhelmed about something, learn to talk to them and let them confide in you.

Being a parent of a child that is psychic is very important and you can be a very important learning tool for them. Do not be close minded when this happens and learn to be open with your child so that you can help them to grow and help them embrace their journey of life.