Soul Travel

Soul Travel

A person that soul travels will go through many different levels in their dreams that others are not aware of. There are different etheric levels and astral projection is a mystery to many people. When you lay in bed and you dream, chances are you will travel.

Soul Travel

People dream about what they want in life and things they are afraid of. Some will dream of a relationship or a job or a promotion that they are hoping to get. Others dream about more simple things like their favorite foods or their surroundings.

Some will dream and be afraid and be happy to wake up before the dream is over. Dreams that have the soul leaving the body and traveling are called astral projection.

What to Know

Dreams happen for many reasons such as something we watched on television or something we ate before we laid down. It could also happen depending on someone you have talked to or someone you have missed.

When you sleep and your soul travels out of your body and into a different world, this can differ from person to person and you may never know how far you will travel and where you will go.

Soul travel can be an adventure in your dream and when you are able to explore places that you have never been, your dreams can show you secrets that you have always wanted to know or even teach your life lessons.

Types of Dreams

When the soul leaves the body in a dream it can allow you to be the main character or the dream can be about someone else. Just because you are in a different place does not mean that the dream is for you and it can be for the other person. Maybe the dream will help you to understand someone in your life more or the help them.

Soul Traveling

Soul travelling can happen in different ways, some people dream of being chased by different things while others will see these dreams as nonsense, it could be an important part of your life or something you need to be aware of.


Dreams are not just to keep us entertained, while some can do that, others are important to teach us lessons. With soul travel, it can help you to understand people better or it can help you to know what is going on around you that is confusing to you.

If you travel to different astral planes, you will have a harder time figuring out what level you are on but after you figure out how soul travel works, you will learn to analyze your dreams and understand them more.


When your soul leaves your body when you are sleeping, there are different kinds of dreams that can happen. You can dream of something good and happy or you can find that you enter a world that is scary or dark. If you have a nightmare, this also might teach you something you need to know.


We all have the chance to soul travel, and it depends on who you are and how genuinely you want to experience this. Do not guard your mind and learn to be open minded and you can trigger yourself into soul travel. The important thing to know is that not all dreams in soul traveling are happy dreams and you can get both the good and the bad, but in the end, it is all a life lesson.